[x]why do you think i will hack? i said i WILL NEVER hack! plz!

Do you think i will still hack? If yes, why? what if i never hack? will you unban me then?i have deleted the hacks from my pc. plz i want your forgiveness, plz forgive me! plz!

Here is a list of no’s in a variety of different languages, maybe finally one will sink in:

In Afrikaan - Nee!
In Albanian - Nuk ka!
In Armenian -Ոչ!
In Azerbaijani - Xeyr!
In Belarusian - Не!
In Bengali - না!
In bosnian - Ne!
In Cebuano - Dili!
In Chinese Traditional - 沒有!
In Danish - Nej!
In Dutch - Nee!
In Esperanto - Neniu!
In Estonian - Ei!
In Filipino - Walang!
In Finnish - Ei!
In French - Non!
In Georgian - არა!
In German - Nein!
In Greek - Όχι!
In Gujarati - આ બોલ પર કોઈ!
In Hindi - नहीं!
In Hmong - Tsis yog!
In hungarian - Nem!
In Icelandic - Nei!
In Indonesian - Tidak!
In Irish (Gaelic more like) - Uimh!
In Japanese - 違う!
In Javanese - Ora!
In Kannada - ಇಲ್ಲ!
In Khmer - គ្មាន!
In Korean - 안돼!
In Lao - ບໍ່ມີ!
In Latvian - Nē!
In Malay - Tidak!
In Maltese - Nru!
In Marathi - नाही!
In Portuguese - Não!
In Romanian - Nu!
In Russian - Нет!
In Slovak - Nie!
In Swahili - Hakuna!
In Swedish - Nej!
In Tamil - இல்லை!
In Telugu - సంఖ్య!
In Thai - ไม่มี!
In Turkish - Hayır!
In Ukrainian - Ні!
In Urdu - نہیں!
In Vietnamese - Không!
In Welsh - Na!
…And Finally In Yiddish - ניין!

Please stop appealing here. You are NEVER going to be unbanned.

Dude, you forgot spanish.

Dothraki: avvos!

Well, if you bothered to see that he’s from Bangladesh, you wouldn’t have to google translate no in 50 languages…

In Bengali - না!

Dutch is the same as the african but, i have to mention its south-african.


you hacked, you lied, evaded your ban multiple times, you tried to fool us, blamed it on your brother, you spammed the forum and our inboxes, you promised to never hack again but evaded and did hack again.
In other words, you did everything you could possibly do to make sure you’ll never be allowed back on again.

How many more times do you need to hear it before you understand?

This doesn’t even included all the merged topics and countless amount personal messages you spammed. Please stop. Give it up and stop wasting your and our time.

You ruined it. No matter how much you beg, you are not getting unbanned. Ever.

This is the end.