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Welcome to the community! Established 2011, “aloha player killers” is a global community of PC gamers who share a passion for fun, creativity, and respect.

Our Game Servers

A bird’s eye view of all of our game servers. And discussions about each, too.

Ace of Spades

Ace of Spades is a FREE to play online voxel FPS game, originally released by Ben Aksoy in 2011. Build, destroy, and shoot anything on the 100% destructible maps. Supports up to 32 players per server. Over the past decade, many mods, servers, and clients have been customized to change and complement the original game.

AoS Modding

User-created content for Ace of Spades.

Read our Ace of Spades Modding Beginner Guide to learn how to mod your client!


Minecraft, the game

Other Games

Anything and everything about the other games we play in the community! Feel free to post about any games you’ve been playing or watching!

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