the old REPORT topic

Okay I was on the server “aloha TC remus” today and he joined the server, He was killing people left and right, and he started killing me, I thought nothing of it until I looked at it a bit, He destroyed a block with 1 hit of a SMG, also he killed me with 1 hit of a SMG, it didn’t say headshot, it said SMG, So that leads me to believe it was hacks. I kept trying to votekick him but a lot of people backed him up that he wasn’t a hacker, but I am posting this so that some admin can look into it, maybe check the Logs or something, I also got kicked? I have a trusted pass and i used it but for some reason i got kicked? Anyways, I hope this doesn’t affect my trusted player. :-\

Hello I am trying to compile a list of suspected griefers. Even if you saw them do it and don’t suspect they are griefers you just know they are, write their name down. If you have a name to write but see it already on the list, write it because then we know more than one person can list they are a griefer.

Documented list of griefers I have seen. Barata, Hunter, ace killer, werewolf god, zikabr, Xx_shooterZ_xX, Enemy.j2, Gabrial, vladik, anon.

not going to lie, but it’s easy to change one’s name.
but here we go

skinnypuppy, [seag]wog, DeadBaby

It is easy but most of them wont know there is a watch list with their name on it.


Name: Jordan
Server: Pinpoint
Reason: Griefing and insulting people, then subsequently denying guilt. Abuse of votekicking power.

hmm nice lay out.
Name: Warrior
Server: Pinpoint
Reason: Griefing and constantly trying to vote kick innocent team mates.

Name: Rankai,kyeburger,macros,his mom,anus,bakeybk,warrior.
Server: Pinpoint
Reason: Griefing

Name: ssss,sabastian,hows life, 0000
Server: Pinpoint
Reason: Griefing

Name: 00700
Server: Pinpoint…what else is new?
Reason: Griefing/Teamkilling/Trapping

Also Jyrome, howslife is a bit on the fence. Yes, he does grief occasionally but 90% of the time he’s playing leg.t
We just need someone to stop-build him when he gets out of line.

Ive seen so many griefers on aloha 1ctf 24/7 pinpoint its not funny, so i have deiced to make a stand
please leave a /singed if you want to have more tighter security on aloha 1ctf 24/7 pinpoint

This is a known problem.

The only solution I see is to make more admins.

And learn how to correctly spell ‘Grief.’

I’m usually on to stop the majority of them. The ones I know you saw The cops were more clearing up debris than griefing.


I think, at some point while I was on, there were more people unable to build than able to build.
This was (I believe) a combination effort of me, Jyrome, and Froelich.

Griefers, you kidding me? The map pretty much resets on an hourly basis because of them.

i usually get most of em when i stop by. today i had to /togglebuild nearly the entire blue team for griefing.

there is actuaklly always an admin on at somepoint. and it takes a while to find a good admin that wont abuse his powers

It seems like there’s a ton of AFKs always there too.

I think maybe you where a little /togglebuild happy.

nopenopenope. No such thing as /togglebuild happy on pinpoint.

Too true,too very sadly true.