A Message specifically to Jyromefedx and DUHsoAlex

Attention Jyromefedx and DUHsoAlex,

It has come to my awareness that you three think that I’m “overposting.” This kinda started because of HoboHob, but he is not to blame for the sh**storm now started. After him asking why I overpost, Jyromefedx rudely responded that I have nothing better to do in life. Then again A Virus repeats the same question in the shout column and Alex proceeds to assume I’m doing it to be a guard.

Now both of you listen as well as everyone else who might read this post, I post in aloha.pk for reasons stated in this thread: http://aloha.pk/index.php?topic=475.0. But I’ll repeat it again since some people want to assume. I post a lot because I want to help people out and make Aloha a better place, not to be an admin. I already said I’ll wait as long as izzy wants to be an admin so I can better help people but some people think otherwise. There is no rules stating how much I can post and the other reason I post a lot is because of the freedom of expressing anything you want (language and double post…). Otherwise, I’ll be in the AoS forums. Now I can recall that in order to be an admin you had to be nice and respectful to others. I obviously didn’t see that in both of these guards and if being nice bad respectful wasn’t a requirement then I see why I’m not an admin. @Jyromefedx I even personally asked you if you wanted help for your pc, and then you release this s**t:

I don’t see how any of you deserve to be guards with that attitude. All I wanted to do is to make Aloha a better place. Being an admin means being responsible and on top of things. That means when there is an issue, you stop what you do and resolve the issue. I don’t think a lot of people are willing to do stop playing and go resolve an issue, especially in pinpoint. Do you guys think that just because your admins you can say s**t to someone who wants to help? Do you think I want to be an admin to go tell my friends at school or something? If you don’t want me to post, just say it and I’m out of Aloha and you won’t see another post from me. I’ll go to the AoS forums. Jyromefedx, I’m a junior at high school whose in a medical program, which means I work at hospitals and have to stay up until 1 am to type 5-12 page reports. This is on top of all my classes, my friends, chores, and Tae Kwon Do. Welcome to my life of hardship, work and no sleep.

Anybody who posts in here, I kid you not when I say no more b*st posts about me or anybody else or I’ll PM izzy.

@A Virus and HoboHob I know it wasn’t your fault but please PM any questions or comments pertaining to me instead of posting, as some people are too immature.

As I said in the shout box. Chill out man.

Alex didn’t mean any harm, and Jyro was just being a troll (which isn’t usual for him, he is normally pretty cool).

They weren’t trying to be mean. And this should have gone in the IRC or in a PM to Jyro and Alex, not in a thread.


AEM, i appreciate your posts and the time you put into them. i hope you keep it up. do it because you want to, don’t let others decide for you!

Bro, as I said in the shout too, I don’t care if they werent being mean, you can’t assume stuff and just say it. I wanted to specifically make this public so the this nonsense about me doesn’t get out of hand. Next thing you know everyone is saying your just trying to be an admin stop over posting. I don’t think you’ll like it if I criticized you. Now everyone will think I’m just posting for nothing. I will not tolerate someone trying to give the wrong impression on me.

Thank you, I just want to help! ;D

Well AEM look you always have to reply to all the post. One time i took this photo


Edit: At least you are contributing

That’s a little creepy why you take photos of my posts, the evidence is everywhere, but I post to help so be appreciative.

  1. Jyromefedx
  2. DUHsoAlex

GG counting.

Leave it to Reki. We are humans and we make mistakes. You make mistakes, no need to get critical.

It felt like you were Phil from Kingdom Hearts for a second.

I didn’t say it to be mean,I said it to see if we share the same reasoning for over posting. Also don’t imply that all of us are human, it is insulting.

So knowing we are humans is insulting? So what do you think we are? Are some of you animals? Are we gods now? I think izzy should be Zeus.

I don’t play Disney games sorry, but thanks.

no drebbel is zeus

I’ll be Cronus, father of Zeus.

But it’s Kingdom Hearts mannnnn!
Play it. It’s amazing. Square ENix never fails.

Two words why I cant have pc games. COMPUTER SUCKS. Here’s my specs if your curious:

Dell Dimension E??? (5 years old)
Windows Vista Home Premium 32-bit
Dual-core Intel Pentium 4 HT 3.00 GHz
1 Tb Seagate Barracuda Hard Drive 6gb/s 7200 rpm; 80 Gb Western Digital (original)
ATI HD Radeon 4600 1248 Mb 800 MHz Core
Xi-Fi Sound Card with standard Dell speakers (blown)

I had to buy 1 tb because my computer had a huge corruption error which short circuited my other stick of 1 Gb RAM.

Duuuude with those specs you could play far cry or TF2.

My computer specs:
2.60 single-core pentium 4 processor
1 GB ram
110 GB hard drive
No graphics card.

Those specs aren’t too bad.
Also, KH isn’t a PC game.

My computer used to take 10 minutes to reach the login screen and sometimes 30 minutes to shutdown. Software updates always failed and corrupted my computer. To give you a comparison of how much it sucks, my computer freezes when I have one tab on Chrome on Google open along with Word.

I don’t think any of you know how Vista is. You can’t even record video while running aos in my pc.

Oh dude, Vista isn’t bad (unless you are on a 32 bit computer which I am guessing you are. It also runs bad with less than 2GB ram).