Please unban me - Topo please make up your mind

First, heres footage of me playing (from an admins point of view)-

  1. Votekicks last only 30 minutes. Did you wait at least 30 minutes to make sure your “ban” is not just a votekick?
    Nobody votekicked me and I am banned

  2. What is your in-game player name? Please include it in the subject of this topic as well.

  3. What server were you playing on when you got banned? Reminder: We can only help you with bans that took place on servers. 1ctf 24/7 pinpoint

  4. Why were you banned? Lying severely decreases your chances of getting unbanned. If your “little brother” got you banned, tell him to make an appeal, or accept responsibility on his behalf.
    For ‘aimbotting’ because of my performance boost due to a new skin pack I installed. - i didnt aimbot

  5. Why should you be unbanned?
    I am a good player with always more than 50% accuracy and people will agree with me because they have played with me.
    I ditched the last thread because it was locked and I couldnt reply. Topo, the reason I have a high accuracy is because of my sights. I bum them. :slight_smile: and my epic crosshairs. and its quite irritating when admins ban good players because theyre… good

  6. When were you banned? Best approximate date and time, please.
    19th January 2013 at 10:00am exactly (London Time)

Yes this was ages ago, I reposted this because I couldnt reply to my other thread so please dont delete this.

PS- If i get unbanned I can calm down on the killing. I just want a good game with the people of aloha

Why is nobody replying? Most admins/mods and guards have seen it now.
Am I that one person noone replies to? :frowning:

auniqeid, when the banning admin reads this post, he will respond. The decision to reduce your ban, unban you, or revoke the appeal is solely up to him.

Ok thanks for letting me know. The admin that banned me was topo

There are a few snaps; perhaps the most noticeable is at 0:21. You either managed to guess the exact position of the enemy player at 0:46 or you were using some kind of ESP hack. You managed 70% accuracy with 64 kills and eleven deaths. Sure, it's possible, but extremely unlikely even when you're just straight camping. You, however, were consistently running up to just a little within fog range, shooting three people and moving back out to talk about it. I see absolutely zero recoil after your shots and the tool I'm using updates quite a bit more often than ovl does. It would definitely pick it up. On top of that, you're managing not to miss shots from a distance that, with perfect aim, gives a 33% chance of a headshot with normal rifle spread.

Could you please explain?

“I’m good” is not an explanation. Skin packs and sights and crosshairs do not give you the ability to play as the video I took of you shows you playing.

Ok i will explain in more detail.

I have a really good scope.
I bum camping.
I have a really good eyesight.
I have been playing this game since 0.1 or 0.2 therefore experienced.
I have ninja reflexes :slight_smile:
I dont know what to even say about recoil hack because i dont hack and many ban appeals have the same thing when they didnt hack. Sorry. I dont know what to say about that.
The only time i have probably ever hacked was a infinite block hack to make a massive town on an empty map. This was back in 0.20 and i was bored.

I love aloha. They are my favourite maps and AoS isnt the same without aloha pinpoint and all that good stuff. I would really like to be unbanned so I can come back to the community I know and love.

Thank you for your time.

Ps- skin packs give me a Performance boost. The same with liljoe98. He got banned from some servers. He had a go at some people over at because he was using a skin pack he loved.

I would like to know what skin pack he was using.
And Topo is right, Skin packs DON’T GIVE you the ability to shoot like that. I saw some no-recoil shoots in the video also.
70% accuracy is quite hard, for me atleast on pinpoint.

Its a custom put together by me from some of simox’s mods and some other misc additions.
I can upload it here tomorrow when i get my computer fixed.
There are various mods i can upload because i have modloader. Ill upload the ones i was using.
The one i was using on the day of the ban was simox’s AR 15 with the default scope that comes with it.
Love it. <3

Ps- Topo. I know what aimbot and ESP is. ESP is what you were using there. ( U hak bro?) jks.
But the reason for me knowing that the enemy was there is because I didnt know they were there.
I predict WHERE to shoot but WHEN is because as I said… Ninja reactions.

Skin packs don’t give you the magical power of not having recoil.
The video very clearly shows your shots (every single of of them) not having recoil.

I’d like to point out an additional moment: at 1:11, when you killed KomradeWyvern, you were standing up with the rifle while shooting.
The position and aim of your screen was the same both before and after the shot, for quite some time.
The crosshair was aimed at the exact same pixel, implying your gun never recoiled at all.

Aside from that, you weren’t snapping or doing anything particularly weird.
The question to be asked is, how trustworthy is that video?
Seeing how things and movements seem pretty smooth, I’d say it’s probably good.

Recoil hacks are pretty obvious, but as far as I can tell he didn’t use ESP or Aimbot. Still, lying gets you a permaban.

Sorry dude but I really don’t know what to say about the recoil :frowning: Im just hoping I don’t get in trouble for these accusations.

Most dumbass excuse for recoil - The game is in 0.75/76 so It might have a few bugs with recoil :stuck_out_tongue:

One question regarding the video that got you banned (since I was the one who perma’d you based on the video evidence) - how do you explain your ability to shoot people at fog range? Quite a lot of your shots are done at fog range, which means that you’re pretty much firing blindly into the fog and killing people, most of them with headshots.

Also, 0.75/0.76 doesn’t have any recoil bugs.

Do you know how bright the player skins are?

Anyway, the main reason is because I distinguish cubes from heads. I look at the surrounding area from my scope, and think: Heads are smaller than cubes. Now I know where a player is. Either that second I see their head or the next time then pop it out - BOOM Headshot.

PS- I have The battlefield 3 player model heads so black heads (no racist) are clearly visible against green, red, yellow, blue blocks and so on.
The bodies have black tactical straps which make it easy to see a character in the fog, because its such a visible color. Same with the head, it has black and silver. Silver not being distinguishable whereas again black very visible against all other non-black blocks.

Chase, I don’t mean to butt into your ban appeal.

But, auniqeid, you’re going to have to share this magical skin with us.

Looking at the video right now, the distance between you and the enemies is huge. So big that no matter how bright the players skins are, you can’t see them. This is especially noticeable in the first part. Also, the tool used to spectate you puts the spectator in your eyes, so what you see is what the spectator sees too. So the amount of fog you saw can clearly be seen in that video. And it’s highly unlikely that you could distinguish a head from a block at that distance.

Anyway, let’s go back to a post made in your original ban appeal to which you never replied (also, why is that? Why didn’t you reply to the first ban appeal?). It’s a post made by Wyvern, it doesn’t really relate to this ban appeal but I’m curious about it.

I banned him on the Komrade server earlier last year for similar feats of accuracy and ability to shoot people as they are moving out of cover. I had thought he had given up on the hacks when I was playing with him up until the point where he started shooting me the moment I was coming out of cover or breaking through a fort for a new hole.

And yeah, do share the skins if you can. I’m pretty sure that I used the BF3 skin once.

do i have to upload the skins or Ill tell you what ones I was using:

  • BF3 Player Models
  • SIMOX’s AR15 with the default scope that comes with it

I find them extremely useful but now my gameplay has improved even more because:

  • New crosshair with X-Square makes it easy to aim at parts of the body
  • L96 from the old forums with blocky ACOG which shows the barrel.

Let me ask you a question. When you get a mod pack does it FEEL as If your playing better or is it just me? and liljoe98

PS- What KomradeWyvern said, I have already replied to in my previous posts on this thread.

To be honest I just forgot about that thread XD then I remembered and It was locked :frowning:

PSS- Its not a magical skin. I just bum it. Thats why its magic :3

Here’s my bet. He has X-Ray skins that he uses. He refuses to upload them. It’s quite obvious.

I’m not going to lie, from that video I don’t think any of the fog-hack or ESP accusations are founded. The Kodiak thing was once; he might’ve seen some bullet tracers or got lucky. It’s also seriously not hard to fogsnipe if the map is pinpoint; there’s only so many structures people can be hiding in.

I’m going with a definite for no-recoil hacks though.

Dude. I WILL UPLOAD WHAT I WAS USING. Its just easier to say. Tell me If you want it uploaded

And Thank you Reki. Someone who finally understands that there is no way in that video that I would be using aimbot. (Or at all)

Im sorry but I don’t know the reason for the no recoil :confused: Im just gonna have to hope you let me off on that one.

Now see,
The thing is that you were killing me the exact moment I broke a block for a new hole to shoot out of or popped out of cover while you were sitting at or past fog range.
Now, I am one of the fastest reflexed players in the history of AoS (ask anyone who has attempted to play against me in Assault Trenches including Enari) and I cannot pull off stuff like that.
So unless you are the second coming of Jesus, I doubt you can do that legitimately. And as I said on the other thread, I banned you on the Komrade server for wallhacks and flawless accuracy. I watched you stare at KomradeWalugi64 through a mountain and shoot him in the head the moment the first pixel showed up.