Let's start a game!

The rules are simple! Just tell Sarim what you want to do as he explains what is going on.

I imagine a lot of people have opinions on this who don’t randomly stumble into threads named “cunt slayer” in the abuse reports section. And I didn’t say “continue this in AoS classic” I said “y’all might be better off starting a new thread directly in the Ace of Spades board about the general problem.” Cunt Slayer is a specific problem, trolling/racism/harassment is the general problem.

Like maybe we can all have an open and visible discussion about what aloha should do (or not do) about trolling/ racism / harassment

I’m down.

I’m talking with my mods now about starting our own server. I’m not sure we’d run an Openspades, but we might. If we did, it would be run by ADULTS. People using racist or sexist rhetoric would first get muted automatically, second get a short ban, then a longer ban, then an even longer ban. :wink:

Habitual griefers would get a short ban, then long ban.

Smack talkers would just get to play the game. :wink:

Aimbotters, other hacks, would get the 365 day ban, or banned forever depending on what the other players and mods say.

Whatever was left over would be one of the coolest bunch of gamers this planet has ever seen. :stuck_out_tongue:

Becoming offended easily is what makes cunt_slayer target you, road. Muting and Banning can be evaded easily but ignoring a person is much easier and effective. That’s why I suggested a /ignore or censoring words script so it would be easier for you and for everyone else to play the game on a less ‘cursing-level’ gameplay.

Also, if you think a 365 day ban would stop the hackers, then you are dead wrong

Dude, if he was JUST harassing me then I would not be here asking him to be banned. He was harassing everybody. Sorry, I stand up for my hommies.

It wasn’t directed at you Danke. It was directed at the whiners before you that thought what we were saying was off-topic and a new thread was better somehow. :slight_smile:

Go ahead and make your own server. I encourage it! More servers is always better, but do realize that Aloha is still around (sort of, kinda, maybe?) because they used to strive the middleground of not being so unforgiving but not being too forgiving either, both which cause issues.

Who has he harassed besides you?

Are you joking?

Are you? I don’t really see him attacking anyone besides you. And no, saying the “N” word doesn’t count as an attack on all black people. Please don’t even go there if that’s what you’re thinking.

See, this is why adults should admin. I don’t even think you realize he is harassing people and bullying. When I talked to the mods today (my group, not here), they explained that they had largely stopped multiplaying games because of all the children. I love kids but they take over servers and harass people to death. It’s insane.


^^ That shit is insane. That little shit was harassing and bullying other players. In fact, one of the Steam Gamers said her friend was harassed by him big time. Watch that video and tell me the truth: Do you want little shits like that hijacking, or manipulating the admins on any game that you play?

Well you guys have made the absolute worst mistake you could have. You fed the troll. Can we please stop feeding the troll? He’s got everybody mad at everybody when we could all just ignore the guy. We have a votekick system and this really isn’t a problem unless you let yourself get butthurt. It wasn’t a problem a month ago and it really isn’t a problem now. If you go on the internet expecting a teletubby world the problem comes from you, not the troll. We were playing with cunt_slayer earlier and you know what? He didn’t get fed so he shut up and played the game like all the rest of us should.

What i was about to say

Do not spam little friend ::slight_smile: ::slight_smile: ::slight_smile:

Dude… Please trust us. Link.EP, an admin, cancelled the votekicks of the trolls. The trolls have been bragging daily how “you can’t ban a god.” So whatever. No, we’re not feeding the troll and you’re asking us to be his enablers.

You cant enable someone if you ignore them. Maybe it’s just the 'murican in me but i believe anybody should say anything they want to. Why should we be limited in what we can say because 1 person is trolling?

I’ve been staying out of this discussion for the most part but it’s time to stop. It is clear that Road will not change his point of view, and whether he intends it or not this is an obvious troll. When confronted by a rational argument, instead of arguing it with another rational argument, he will fall back and provide a source to attempt to prove he is right while diverting from the original arguments. (Strawman fallacy)

Either that or act condescending and hypocritical:

  • Why do you continuously like to make assumptions that everyone else on the server is always offended by the same things that you are? Why do you dismiss your own offensive “rhetoric”? How are you to know that it was their language that made “nearly everybody” leave? It’s not worth continuing a discussion with somebody who argues so irrationally.
  • I’m not even going to quote the other times where you have spoken condescendingly towards aloha. Please though, stop talking and start doing. If you’re so infatuated with your group which you specified was NOT us, then wouldn’t you rather enjoy your time with them? (Side note, believing age = maturity - FALSE LOGIC.)

Continuing this is the definition of insanity.

I didn’t pay for this game.

My biggest regret is that I’ll never get the time it took to read this thread back

Whew good thing I only skim read the last 3 or so pages xD

probably could’ve banned a few hackers instead. or made a map, wrote a script, fix some bugs, make some tools. There’s lots of productive things you can do on the computer.

I’ve learned plenty from making stuff for AoS. And I get plenty of value in my personal life from doing it or else I wouldn’t bother.