[x] Bully Report: Road

Hello, as some of you may be aware, there has been some excessive trolling and bullying by Road on the forums and in game. At first we thought it was serious, then it was kinda funny for a bit, but it has been taken way too far and at this point is just distasteful and cyberbullying. Sadly, there’s not too much evidence left since he goes back and tries to remove traces of his toxic tendencies, but it’s pretty apparent when you read any of his posts. He’s always attacking someone and being derogatory to them even when uninstigated.

Exhibit A: (Most recent infraction)

In this case, Road is attacking LowObservable (one of the more prominent members of our small community and one of the nicer people out of our bunch). Low did nothing to deserve this, but Road continues to carry on with these attacks just like he did on previous pages while Low was being calm and mature.

Exhibit B: (Still bullying and targeting LowObservable)

Exhibit C: (Still attacking Low and comparing him to some random young kid that is obviously nowhere near the maturity level of our endeared Low.)


I know there’s not a lot of evidence left on those threads left, but I know the admins have access to his chat logs where he is extremely toxic to people under the guise of “being offended” and “upset” at Slayer and others. Now I know Slayer is currently banned, but that shouldn’t take away from the matter at hand. I think that Road should be exiled from our reclusive community or maybe a /mute? The punishment is up to you admins! But I do hope you consider for something to be done about this troller that has been lashing out at great people in our community like LowObservable, Sarim, Danke, etc.

Thanks for reading this bully report!

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EDIT: Also, someone just informed me privately that I should add that he consistently uses ageist rhetoric which is not okay!

EDIT EDIT: If anyone has recorded evidence of his infractions please feel free to post it below!

EDIT EDIT EDIT: Added extra evidence!

Friendly reminder that Road’s first report was marginalizing the benevolence and heartwarming philosophy behind the Eastern Swastika, unjustly claiming it was evil in nature and we should remove and ban all swastika and those using it, including India’s Dalai Lama.

Also looks like his report was shoved under the rug. :-\ :-\ Weird how nature do that.