Zombies reccomendation

  1. Say theres 10 humans, 5 zombies. That just a pain on the zombie side. So I would like an auto switch script that would pick random people from the higher team to balance the teams some.

  2. allow human-zombie to hold like 2nd power on blockpower, if map changes, human zombie hold, if you change weapon, human zombie holds.

First of all, I am not trying to offend anyone, so I hope no one is offended by what I say, if you consider it offensive.

Seems like this kind of new zombie ideas thread pops up constantly from time to time. It’s not like people put it up everyday, but it is a never ending issue. Almost every thread has a different and great ideas every time, but seems like that they all point towards one goal, and that seems like nerfing the human side. I personally support this. I once even suggested that there should be a new (separate from the zombies mode we have right now) server that has the same zombie mode, but with humans nerfed and with actual objectives/functions. Let’s look at the zombies server right now. It has all the people using SMG on the humans side, and with rifle and shotgun being useless. It also has the zombies greatly outnumbered and if the server is not full, it will usually have the zombies outnumbered with spawnkilling festival going on. Even if the server is full, the zombies will not be able to outnumber the humans and will only have their numbers the same as the humans. Humans will also not care for the objective (intel) for it doesn’t have any rewards towards the capturer nor the human team. Therefore, it will just result in a blatant spawnkilling. But honestly, when I posted my thread on the improvement of the zombie mode, some people supported it, but most of them said it was a ridiculous idea, using their screenshot of the ratio they have got as a zombie. Yes, kudos to them. You have did it. You got a high ratio as a zombie. But is everyone like them? All the people who posted their ratio or their killstreaks are the people that play AoS more than other people who’s either old, or more experienced than other people who play AoS. Those people who say that humans shouldn’t be nerfed because of their zombie ratio, should know that not all people are like them. Not all people are the ones that can go on a ridiculous killstreak as a zombie. They will soon be gunned down by the SMG-wielding clusterfuck of humans. They WILL die. Therefore they WILL be spawncamped as humans push towards them. If you read this all of my rant, this is just my opinion on the zombies, and I hope that no one will be rude about it.

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Anyways, rather than nerfing the humans, how about strengthening the zombies? I always thought they should be able to move faster. I guess this makes it less humans vs zombies and more predator aliens vs humans.

A true humans vs zombies should have people become infected on death, with the game mode being a last man standing kinda thing. It’d be interesting to see players turn on eachother as the zombie team grows.

in that case humans should only be allowed to use shot guns, zombies would have increased health, but also move a lot slower

also plugging in the thing i’m trying to start, we could try experimental game modes

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Anyways, I support both of your ideas, ei8htx

With squads, zombies are pretty op once they start spawn camping… -hates squads-

Anyways, a game mode like Minecraft’s Dwarves vs. Zombies would be pretty cool. It would be like what ei8htx proposed with the last man standing.

Honestly though, I feel like that sometimes both sides just spawn camp each other if zombies have experienced players in their team. Half of the blue team gets spawncamped and half of the green team gets spawncamped, which results in a boring stalemate.

im on right now, but I feel that zombies should have something better over human in return of a weakness (spades)

Throughout the time I’ve played zombies, I have not once felt either side is overpowered. Maybe that’s just me but really. The game mode is quite balanced as it is. It’s mainly a problem with how the players play on the human’s and zombie’s side respectively.

Not many pay attention to the game mode’s mechanics and it’s the reason why people think one side is overpowered or underpowered.

The only problem with the zombie gamemode is that most players want to play as human thus making the teams unbalanced.
When there is equal number of players, the gamemode is balanced.

To be honest, if zombies team is REALLY good, then zombies can actually outnumber humans. Most of the players here just ride the bandwagon, with humans as default. Also, apparently people have got it into their heads that spawncamping is the main goal on zombies

The main reason that spawncamping is the main goal in zombies is that there’s really no point of capping the intels. For example, human team doesn’t even get a single reward. For the zombie team, they do become a zombie-human, but it is just more like pure human. They don’t have increased health (Which would be quite OP, I would admit), or even any kind of health bonuses. They cannot even spade jump to ambush the human team. They do have the element of surprise, but if they want to shoot guns, they would just join the human team.

no fall damage
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Okay, back on topic…

Well, there is a subtle objective for capping the intel as a human, I believe it reveals where all the zombies are with the red dots that would be built up in the sky as an indicator of where they are.

Not to continue to derail, but with google image search you can click the picture of the camera in the search bar. You can then either drag an existing picture, or paste the URL of one (like Lone Wolf’s/Anonymous’ avatar). The first hit is the manga’s wiki page.

Oh boy. Seems like Reki might be the only person who knows this avatar. But honestly, let’s stick to the topic, guys. (By the way, why are we talking about this picture in the first place?!?!??!)

Yes, it does reveal all the zombies in the map, but only for that instant. Zombies usually don’t camp. They use melee attack. Therefore they constantly move around, which makes the reveal to be useless.

Let’s talk about ei8htx’s avatar now.

I say we make a separate server for a modified zombies mode.

Yes, it does reveal all the zombies in the map, but only for that instant. Zombies usually don't camp. They use melee attack. Therefore they constantly move around, which makes the reveal to be useless.

That, and since they’re in squads, it’s hardly useful anyway. Maybe a temporary invisible thing for humans? Idk.

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