wierd tips & tricks


it’s one of the stickied topics in the section, lol

Actually if you aren’t playing as trusted, you can do it right in the tower in the protected area, it can give you up to 4 additional blocks.

My trick learned from Danko was slit shooting. But another cool way to kill people is by going into a tunnel and going into the ceiling and using the z block error thing to wait for people to pass under. You’ll see when they pass under you and you can hope out and spade them and repeat.

Play with the highest ping possible. People can’t shoot you, but you can’t shoot at them either.

tell that to topo


topo has a lag switch shh

Who doesn’t? We all have that 1k ping lag switch.

I don’t need a lag switch, I already lag.

I once saw a player with an average ping of 8k, he was able to stay in the game for afew minutes :o

i lag heaps, about 500 ping but sometimes it goes up to 2000 :frowning:

How to-Be human in zombies
1.have zombie chase you
2.walk backwards and shoot zombie
If zombie gets too close, sprint backwards

  1. get stuck and die

As long as you walk on a clear pathway, and sprint facing forwards, won’t happen

Literally the easiest thing you do in Zombies. It’s somewhat ridiculous. You can just do that to an entire team with stupid SMG.

An entire team is a bit too much, you need actual grenade cooking and parkour skills for that. Unless of course the humans, as usual, have a 3-1 numerical superiority

pls. i’ll just quote myself since it totally applies here. and you don’t even need to be particularly good in order to do that

No no. Pub literally doesn’t know how to coordinate as a zombie. They just follow you like AI in Danke’s zombie server.

Hold right click on the spade then switch to nade. This will make the nade go faster.