Who's moderating your servers?

First off. Love the servers. Fantastic shit. Secondly, who do you have moderating these servers?

Servers like -aloha.pk 1ctf 24/7 pinpoint and -aloha.pk infiltration and others are severely under moderated. Either they are UN-moderated with no admins present or a pre-pubescent power tripping kid banning and kicking anyone who doesn’t do exactly what he says. Which, is completely far, we respect admins, but when they kick the opposing players for killing him, you know something is wrong.
Get a fucking hold on your servers.

Sincerely, Frank.

Hi Frank.

Thanks for asking us this question, though, there is a stickied thread in the aloha section with a list of all the admins you should check out. Since you asked, here is a list of our most active admins who moderate all servers on a daily basis


Sadly most of the people on the other list aren’t admins for all servers, are no longer playing/active, and even a few on both lists are guards.

If you would like to apply to be an admin or guard I’d recommend reading this and making your app here.

If you have any further questions about anything else please ask. Have a nice day!

really zeke you should research your answers better before posting, that list is completely bogus considering the question.

yeah servers like TOW, Infiltration, and iRPG are usually not moderated as heavily as servers like pinpoint and hallway due to the fact that those two servers are quite often swarmed by griefers and aimbotters. i’ve tried myself to get onto servers such as Babel, TOW, and infiltration more often since we know there aren’t admins on those particular servers.
as for power abuse, as far as i’m aware no names come to mind of any admins who are abusive and kick for bad reasons. then again if you see this activity continuing you should report the name of the admin who has been abusing their power and they will be dealt with.

Pinpoint gets cleared of griefers/aimbotters at least once every hour.

There are no admins that do any of what you say though. It’s a broad statement, but I believe it to be true.

Although thanks for reporting this, it just serves as a reminder for all aloha staff to maintain the quality of admining that we have.

I’ve started playing more servers too. TOW especially.

if admins are abusing i would really like to know who specifically. names please. you’re not confusing votekicks for admin abuse, right? anyone can trigger a votekick.

Zeke you left out some of our most active admins!!

I’m sure it does, but it doesn’t take a griefer, or aimbotter a hour to do what they do. And either of those two categories will be bored of destroying or winning and wont stick around for a hour to be banned. And thats if the servers players don’t get pissed off at them that we sit through a 15 min votekick while people caps lock the hell out of “EEVERY ONNE TYPEE /Y OMG”

Although I may come across as a whiny bitch complaining on the Admins ability to maintain that peaceful gaming server the internet all knows and loves, Im just pointing out that leaving the server up too a single Admin who makes decisions from his ass and a server full of annoyed players is surely not what you would want for your Aloha servers.

No. I understand the difference between votekicking and Admin abuse fairly. And my apologies for not catching names. My guess is one of the admins left his computer unlocked for his little brother. I don’t believe it was a Admin who was approved.

You said it best.

Thanks for not including my name there Zeke >.>

The people who patrol pinpoint the most are:

Remember that admins are doing this of their own accord/time. You can’t expect us to be on 24/7 to get rid of griefers, so don’t accuse us of not having a hold on our servers or being power-tripping.

In my knowledge, we don’t have a SINGLE abusive admin, nor do we have troll little brothers who go around making us look abusive. I can’t account for infiltration, but the crew of admins I listed above keep pinpoint fairly stabilized throughout the day.

Admins tend to hide their identity, have a different name in game and whatnot. Perhaps next time you think an admin is abusing their powers, press tab (to show all the people in on atm) and take a screenshot.

Frank i understand your frustration but the solution isn’t quick nor easy. you mentioned lack of admins as well as admin abuse; those are opposite ends of the spectrum, extremes that we constantly try to cancel out with careful effort. our crew is ever-increasing (slowly but surely) but we can’t be around 24/7 and we can’t just pull new admins out of a hat. we do a lot of screening to pursue that balance that is every gamer’s dream - some people who try out for admin wait more than 3 months only to be told it’s not going to happen. even when we are available we might not be aware of a problem… in the future try /admin or try to get a hold of an admin in http://webchat.quakenet.org/?channels=%23aloha

More common than not I see people complaining about issues that have already been addressed by an Aloha staff member. An example would be a votekick against someone, if a staff member is online they would address that concern the moment it pops up,but they may do it in private and when the public sees no command being used in the feed they may think there is no staff member present the cause of no action may be reason to many things. Lets say the person didn’t actually grief they were just clearing debris,or the person was not aimbotting but instead doing the ever frowned upon water camping. As Izzy suggested use /admin whenever fit.