When is a Minecraft server going to be set-up?

Talk of setting up a few was done awhile ago, and now the update 1.3, is almost here. I just would like to re-spark interest in this.

This update will basically ‘fix’ multiplayer, as those of you who do play it know it’s buggy.

I suggested a tekkit server,I would also like to know how much if any progress there has been towards an Aloha branch of Minecraft/Tekkit.

i’m definitely still interested. there are other priorities that need to be taken care of first, namely the group-based management system. we’ll need to get more memory added to the server before running MC anyway, but that should be happening this week.


I assume it would be a PvP server? (Sorry, silly question probably)

That’s up to debate I suppose lol

I sure Hope it is pvp, if people want to build could they not simply play creative single player.

I second this PvP notion. Nothing is more intense than building a shack out in the forest on edge waiting for trespassers.

Hopefully tekkit…

i’d really like to do at least one server that’s full on pvp with hardcore rpg elements

Yes, that sounds great!

Tekkit: The Tekkit Classic Wiki | Fandom

It’s a mod that adds in a lot of completely game changing things. Personally I’ve never played with this mod single or multiplayer, but I’ve seen videos and such. To me, it seems like it’s too much. It adds in industrial factors, and such, which likely would never ever be used as the server would be PvP. If we run two servers, then perhaps it could be used.

I would rather we stick close to vanilla.

sounds rpgish, is it?

we can do vanilla but i’d really like to do something that’s pvp + mmorpg style as well.

Here’s a list of plugins available to get; that is, if we use a bukkit: http://plugins.bukkit.org/#ti=&ta=RPG&au=&subm=false&pno=0

Notice how it’s categorized, on the left side.

Still hoping for a tekkit server.

From the server specs you provided, you can handle close to thirty people in MC. Also, I have to find that mod that creates restore points as an anti-griefing measure. But whatever mode it is, you’ll be seeing me playing there!

pyspades ends up eating most of the available memory. we need to upgrade before hosting MC. i’d like to at least triple what we have now, but cost will decide that.

True, forgot to factor that in. Are we talking about upgrading RAM, processor,… If you ever set up the servers, just pm me if you need the “anti-grief” mod. But I prefer to have Minecraft in its most original state as possible without adding features.

RAM, everything else is plenty powerful

Roughly 1 gig of ram per 10 server slots is recommended, though as little as 500mb per 10 people is known to run well.

It just depends on how many plugins, and what kind of things are happening on the server, IE mass tnt (unlikely for our kind of server) would need more ram.