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And etc I wanna know what them words mean!11!111!1

From wikipedia
Kama’aina = long-term resident of the Hawaiian Islands

Haole = Term used in the U.S. state of Hawaii to refer to individuals of European ancestry

FOB i assume is fresh of the boat aka new members

This question has come up before.

The “ranks”, on aloha.pk, refer to the amount of time a person has spent on the forum.

fob: New member with little time on the site.
haole: 1 hour spent on the forum. (not entirely sure about that though)
hapa: 1 day spent on the forum.
local: 3 days spent on the forum.
kamaaina: 12+ days on the forum.

You can find your time online by going to Profile>Show Stats>Total Time Spent Online.

Just leave aloha open for 13 days straight on your pc without turning it off. That’s the cheap way to do it though. I’m a kaminaaa and I don’t even have 13 days on the forum yet though. I think its 12 days

Ohhhh ok. Thanks shy wolf, FF(my friend :p) and Monstarules. I’ll do that xD

Pfft, cheaters. Im still a local, even with all this posts

Being inactive on the forum doesn’t add to your total time online. You actually have to be active for it to clock time.

What counts as “active”?

That’s unfair. Who’d sta on 13 days straight, like really.

12/13 days in total time clocked in on aloha. According to Aloha, since my joining back in 2012, I have only been on this site about 6 days.

Huh, and I have been active 8 days

Script that keeps you scrolling up and down, maybe a little bit of clicking. 12 days of AFK and bam! Top rank?

32 days masterrace