What brought you into this community?

As the title says, what brought you here? For me, I have to thanks to Bluedrake42. This video is the reason why I found OpenSpades back in October of last year:

OpenSpades then enabled me to find this very forum later down the road. That being said, the rest is history for me. Now, I am curious to hear your stories. I can assume many are funny and others are quite old, so feel free to share!

Zeitgeist :smiley:


I stumbled upon ace of spades in late 2011 and played no a jest server (iirc) but found aloha mid to late 2012 And have been here since then

I joined up in the early days of AoS and fell in love with the simplicity. Soon I found a server called Goon Haven and played there every day, often for hours! AoS slowly dwindled and Fagex bought out the developer. GH fell as did many other server. Aloha has always stayed strong, it seems! I never really strayed far from GH so I can’t fill in the blanks and I also stopped playing for quite a while. Recently I came here to start playing again and apply some WD-40 to the rust that is my shooting skills. I’m getting them back for sure.

After playing for a few hours the last week I came to realize that the core aspects of the game in its prime have not changed. Sadly this includes kids who hack and grief their little hearts away. Today l think I spent an hour building intel protection (although the protect-ability of the intel has always been debatable by some senior intel snatchers) and at least another 30 minutes of failed votekicking protecting it from a single dude. I should of let it go but my pride made me stand by and guard it. The awful demon child was eventually banned. Also on the note of familiarity, I recently saw another veteran player “thebigpink”, I remember in GH we were known as the two Pink’s so logging in and seeing thebigpink say “woah woah who’s this other pink” put a big smile on my face. I checked out the discord and there’s lots more familiar faces in there, too. It’s good to see that some things stay the same and it’s good to be back.

i found this forum because it had stats
the end

Some friends of mine showed me this game back in mid2011.We started browsing all the servers till we saw the hallway map,it looked very pretty in a 12 year olds eyes.We agreed to play one life each(if one dies the other gets to play) so my friend would stay in base and build houses for the tent while i would rush in and die as i was new to aos and fps games in general.Wanting to get more playtime i downloaded the game at my home pc,was very surprised i could run it since i had 512 mb of ram, and all i wanted to do at that point was to get better at the game.About 5 months later(that is early 2012) i had found a server that used to run the currrent gh assault map 24/7 that quite a few other good players would play also.Since i enjoyed both the competetion and the fact that its quite hard to be flanked i came to found myself addicted to the game playing several hours a day almost every day.At december of 2012 jagex happened and since i wasnt around in forums at all i thought the game was dead until i saw a video on youtube about 3 months later that proved otherwise.However, for reasons i can no longer recall, i did not continue playing the game, instead i came back in mid2016.Almost everything(except for playerbase) seemed the same to me,but i later found out that a discord server was up so even if forums went down there would still be some sort of organisation.

A friend showed me the game a little over 4 years ago. I found the community when I was banned for aimbot and had to appeal. 8) This will always be my favorite fps.

For a ban appeal.

Seanharrs, JoshuaConcon and Raffine showed it to me, from the VoiDTek forums.

Back in mid-2013, me and my friend were browsing some Minecraft look-a-like games to play and we found Ace of Spades. We were mostly playing on the aloha.pk servers, so I decided to join the community.

I was introduced by Rambo soon after the game came out.
Over the years I’ve had periods of inactivity but inevitably always return.
No game has held such sway over me for so long a time!

i hacked

so i joined for appeal

and here i am

I used hack and evade without knowing that I did and then they told me to access the forums to appeal, and from there I check the forum every day.

I googled minecraft with guns which lead me to Ace of Spades.

ider but i found out about ace of spades in 2012 and lurked around the forums but actually joined way later

Years ago, I saw my dad playing and got curious! This name, “3lb01k”, was a name my dad randomly typed in. Now when he plays I don’t let him use it :stuck_out_tongue:

An admin asked me to make my ban appeal on the forum then i came here
I just don’t remember which one it was


Starting playing in Dec 2011 under a different name, then left for 3 years after ace-spades.com went down because I thought it was gone.
As for the forums, Hack+Appeal

On December 2012 when the main page (aceofspades.com) was down i came here for the servers.

Then I went banned unjustly in 2013 and did an account.