UHC event interest?

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Hi guys,

Trying to gauge the interest of the community about setting up a UHC event. Rules of the game would follow similar to those of the Mindcrack variety.


  1. No potions of Regeneration(healing ok)
  2. No branch mining for resources(digging in a straight line with out looking for caves)
  3. No nether portal trapping(example: with lava)

And that’s it.

We would determine if there would be teams once we figured out how many will actually play.
I already have a seed set up and ready to go 2000x2000 with world border.

If your interested in participating in an event in the next two weeks or so, say so here!!

Interested Players so far:

  1. Asianguy
  2. Froelich131
  3. Monstarules
  4. Sukottogosen
  5. Shoosh
  6. DuhsoAlex
  7. PunchDance

plz, add meh. i am interested.

This sounds so great! I would love this!

Last team standing wins?

I have an idea let’s make a prize pool that you will get on the Mc server the team that wins gets it and splits it how ever many people were on that team. Might get some people from the Mc server to join if we give an incentive. Might even give a cash reward (Mc server wise) for those that survive over 3 days or something. (Just an idea.)


I’m in

I’m in! It’ll be a blast!

Questions: No regen potions, but golden apples okay, ala mindcrack?
No branch mining, but can we follow sounds to lava or a spawner perhaps?
Will the border shrink over time?

Observation: With authentication off we all look alike, that might make a team game difficult since names vanish when you shift; hard to tell who you’re shooting at.

Prizes: I will personally contribute-
1 legit copy of MC with code
1 decent headset, suitable for skyping, youtubing
1 life-sized foam diamond sword
I’m exempt from prizes (cuz I’ll lose anyway) but winners may feel free to pass on prizes to others in need.
In game prizes would be great too.
Winner picks first, etc.

Mojang is messing with me. Apparently I bought in in alpha and never bothered to show respect to Mojang.
They're returning the favor by not fixing my account so I can buy a gift certificate. I guess they're 9-5.
I'll figure it out. BTW, it you don't want an MC code maybe a hat, keychain, or a pat on the back. I'll find something good.

So anyway, all these are about the same price, so pick what you want, not what you can ebay.
FYI - If you donate your MC code to someone who needs one we get one step closer to having skins. Just a thought.
I can send these through Aloha, or direct from Amazon as a gift. it will take a mailing address. Froe, others? I'm open to suggestions.
Here's what I'm thinking…pics included

Minecraft Diamond Foam Sword [ThinkGeek]

Creative Fatal1ty Gaming Headset

The Fatal1ty headset is 3.5mm, if you need USB how 'bout this? You pick. One or the other - not both!
Sades Stereo 7.1 Surround Pro USB Gaming Headset with Mic Headband Headphone (Black)




I would like to participate.

I would like to see if we could get at least 10 people to participate before moving ahead.
Possibility of teams with that many participants.
As of now, no date is set until more players come aboard.

I’m interested, just curious are we going to be playing it like what the others have played it like? Like non-stop, until everyone is dead or the server goes down?

I thought that the Minecraft server is already a premium server I guess is what you can call it? Like you have to have a bought account in order to enter the server? The login you enter is only to protect your account from others that have access to your computer.

PUN: How we going to do teams when everyone looks exactly alike and is crouching? This has to be mano e mano. We’ll need 20 for teams and legit too. That rules out half this place.

Sorry PUN, nobody to hide behind. ;D

I need a time at least before I commit

I thought that the Minecraft server is already a premium server I guess is what you can call it? Like you have to have a bought account in order to enter the server? The login you enter is only to protect your account from others that have access to your computer.

I don’t know what you mean about premium, it’s whitelist so you have to be invited, but there are no fees or bills. Just have fun and try to make friends, that’s it.
I think you got your Minecraft from Pirate Bay so here’s the deal: you can play here no problem, the password is instead of having a legit account.

Do you want a legit account? Play with us for a while, play in the UHC, be good company, helpful, friendly, involved. Do that and I will buy you a legit account. Out of the goodness of my heart.

Is that clear? Email me for anything;


I need a time at least before I commit

You guys can keep debating but the password there is for security on the server (to prevent so called little brother senarios if anything)

Also I asked for the time because I need to see if I will be avaliable

The password is because you have Mojang authentication turned off; that’s why we don’t have skins. You want people with hacked/borrowed/pirated MC to be able to play. Big deal.
You could do both. I’ve already offered to buy three legit accounts so we can get our skins, I’m putting up the prizes for the UHC, and you might be available? Isn’t this your job?
Sorry dude, I hate pompous arrogant bureaucrats too lazy to spellcheck. Prove you’re not one. Skin in the game? Half a dozen MC codes and I might respect you. After I shoot you. :slight_smile:


You do realize that
A. 6 hours ago I got off an uncomfortable hot night train and didn’t sleep
B. All I have eaten today is a cracker
C. Don’t threaten to shoot me
D. I’m not a bureaucrat
C. This phone is spell checking I just don’t always
notice when it spell checks wrong
E. Lastly I havn’t lied about the password If you have complaints about it feel free to pm a system admin (Fro and myself)

Nope, I didn’t know you just got off a train with a cracker in one hand and your phone in another. Sorry, should have known.
You do realize, I hope, that bureaucrats love making lists. A B C, 1 2 3, I belong in DC! Making rules for you and me!
I will shoot you, if you have to guts to come to UHC, with a silly squarish looking cartoon arrow - or three.
This is you having no sense of humor again. You do realize this is a game? Minecraft, heard of it? Chop down trees with your fist? Hello?

I don’t want to debate authentication with you. It’s not a debate. Authentication - wiki.vg
Froe and others do what you tell them. Have you told them you’ll be there for the UHC? Hoping to win one of my prizes?
That won’t happen. You are a bureaucrat, you might make it to sundown. After that, fleeting seconds. Scipio pecked to death by chickens

I notice you did not address the prize pool. MC codes? Six you said? Very cool, thank you very much!
I don’t have the skill, but I bet someone in our family can design a UHC #! cape for the winner. Volunteers?

Scipio, either you’re involved or you’re not. Get in the game or STFU and shuffle paper. Three sticks, three strings, see you on the battlefield!