Something is wrong

I’ve noticed that recently I started getting a lot of lag on aloha’s servers and on the muble servers for BnS and aloha. I keep getting disconected from the AoS server, there is ocassional clicking in peoples headsets on mumble, and I get this awful lag that ruberbands me off of high places, gets me killed. I’ve checked the otehr games and their servers, and I don’t get connection lag. Even on other AoS servers. Apparently I’m not the only on who’s experiencing this issue, because the servers (including the mumble) crashed about 20 minutes ago. Now, like I said before, I haven’t noticed any issues in the other games I have been playing online on my computer, and on the xbox, and I’m wondering if it could be a hardware issue.

I think other people are also having issues as well, but I’m not completely sure. Anyone else have any issues?

I had some problems lagging out recently when i play in babel


Walugi and Blender also noticed that there was a lot of lag on CSmaps as well. Most noticeably when I got disconected after 30 seconds on the spectator team.

basically every server for me

Happened on every server I’ve played on as well. And the weird thing is, my internet is fine.

Played a bit babel yesterday

omfg wow

There is something DEFINITELY wrong.

It is getting laggier and laggier when i joined the server before my highest ping was below 100ms but now it is higher than 100ms

Nah you’re good.

I talked to izzy on the IRC.

Hey izzy? I’ve noticed something lately.
There is a lot of lag on BnS and Aloha, and I keep getting disconnected. Additionally, the entire service crashed about 20 minutes ago for BnS and Aloha.
Is there something wrong with the power or the server hardware?
they are separate servers but same data center
<Monstarules> But is there something wrong with the data center? other people are experiencing issues as well.
<Monstarules> and it isn’t our internet either
not that i’m aware of. trace routes to and would help to narrow down possible problems

UPDATE: I’m hearing/observing more complaints about connectivity in the servers than usual. I was just on cs maps and the first thing I saw was a bunch of people complaining about lag and connection issues.

What izzy said for the technologically inept
Open command prompt also known as cmd
Type tracert (and one of izzy’s links
Let it run and copy the text here. With your location e.g u.s.a Florida, or Germany (so the origin is known)

Also tracert means trace route for those of you with macs search up how to tracert via terminal as I’m not familiar with macs and I hardly doubt anyone uses Linux Mint here.

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This should be in the aos section if it becomes required next time I’ll type up a thread in the staff area

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everything lags just as it always did. so no i haven’t noticed a thing 8)

While doing tracert and pings, I noticed that I got higher pings for buildandshoot and aloha than from facebook (in california) and yahoo (in washington)

Maybe they have better hardware, but those are far more traversed and populated sites.

My ping while playing is usually around 70ms. There are times that it’ll spike up to 300ms but this is rare for me.

Traceroute (usa west coast) Average ping = 32ms