Second Ban Appeal for RaRaRiot

First ban: No-Recoil
First ban was removed on 2012-11-04

so I was happy to be back playing aloha pinpoint 1ctf today. I have been playing for a few hours now and I was just recently banned again?? My buddy who I was playing with told me it was for no-recoil…which is the same reason I was brought into question the first time.

I also wanna add while I was playing, I was on the blue side and for about 20-30 minutes I and a few of my teammates had to deal with griefers who had switched teams just to tear down our structures. Granted they were eventually disabled from building when admins entered the server, but why are they allowed to continue to play and I am banned for an alleged no-recoil hack? (which has been already cleared up) Doesn’t seem fair. Can someone help me out here?

Yes, You WERE hacking. I caught you with no recoil hack. I ovl’d you and you didn’t seem to have recoil.

BTW:ovl is first person spec.

I didn’t have recoil or I didn’t seem to have recoil?? I feel like this system of observation for banning is pretty damn flawed and completely unfair. I have never nor will I ever implement any kind of hack to give myself an advantage in this game. I don’t want to and I don’t need to. I enjoy playing this game the way it is. I was just in questioning for weeks not being able to play on these servers, and the day I get back I get booted again. this isn’t right.

“didnt seem to have recoil”
Maybe a little aggressive for a permaban?? Griefers that ruin hours of work on a castle receive a 30 minute timeout? He had been playing along with everyone else on the team for about an hour before he was banned, we play that server all the time because its the only 1ctf pinpoint. All day today i was getting lag spikes that made for some nice slow motion shooting with the smg. To an observer, that can 100% look like no recoil, but I don’t feel that it should be enough to permanently ban someone from the server.

Its just frusturating because this is the second time in 2 weeks that this has happened, not trying to be a nuisance.

Sorry if my wording was off, but You didn’t have recoil.

Can you explain how the system of observation is flawed and unfair?

BirkDaddy, No, that’s not aggressive for a permaban. Greifers get a 30 minute timeout if its a votekick and so do hackers. I usually ban greifers for 5-7 days. Also, I’m pretty positive it wasn’t lag or anything of that sort. I never get lag on aloha servers nor do I think it will change my conclusion of the guy. I observed him for I think 5+mins, while I was checking another hacker before I checked him.

It isn’t unfair, because while it isn’t aimbotting or ESP, it’s still a hack. And considering he’s been banned twice for it, means it’s probably true. Aloha admins don’t ban everyone they see gettin headshots.

Unfortunately RaRaRiot, unless you have proof you WEREN’T hacking (i.e. Maybe a recording showing you can control the recoil to make it look like it’s a hack) I have to go with ColorPinpoint. I believed you first off, but being banned for a second time makes myself (and probabbly alot of other people) lose trust in you.

Well, you just ruined the little trust I had in you RaRa :l

Now, you really can’t dispute it. You got caught twice… Should of stopped while you were ahead…

Correct me if I’m wrong, but isn’t it the admins job to show proof that I was hacking? Is it not innocent until proven guilty? Before this whole ordeal, I had never even heard of a no-recoil hack. I would love to see what it looks like cause I honestly have no idea.
I talked with Reki and he told me I’m innocent. I don’t know what could be causing it to look like I have a no-recoil hack implemented, but I promise it’s not coming from my end.
I know you guys record when you spectate and observe these things. Is there any video on me?? I would appreciate being able to see it and you could show me what exactly looks wrong. But until then I feel like I’m being wrongly banned.

maybe its something to do with the way I fire the smg? I know the aim of the smg moves up the longer you hold the trigger. To counter that, I always fire in quick 3-4 round spurts and I pretty much keep my mouse in my palm and slowly move down each time I fire. Sometimes I even lift the mouse just a little bit off the pad as I move it down. That’s my technique…nothing special and I’m sure other people do it. And I’m positive that’s not a hack cause I haven’t altered anything in the gameplay.
I’m having a really hard time comprehending why this is looking I have no recoil on my smg.

Admins have the ability to view the world as you view it.
We’ve been keeping tabs on people that are unbanned, and occasionally observe them.
If we viewed from your view that your shots do not recoil, that’s a no-recoil hack.

Don’t give me the “I slide my mouse to counter for the recoil”, it doesn’t work like that since the recoil varies a bit each shot. The only way is a program or hack that immediately detects the shift and counters the recoil, or suppresses the recoil element altogether.

Hey RaRaRiot. I have seen you before during one incident with someone else. You were not in a clan during that time until Badfish referred you. Then the Aimbot detector showed me this:

[i][19:54] Possible aimbot detected. RaRaRiot #11 has an accuracy of: Rifle: 45% SMG: 38% [s]Shotgun: None[/s]. Kill-death ratio of 3.75 (30 kills, 8 deaths). 2 kills in the last 20 seconds. 4 headshot snaps in the last 20 seconds.[/i]

During the day you were banned, I wanted to see you kill stuff in Pinpoint. As a guard, I recorded the last minute of the gameplay before you were banned, in your eyes.

Honestly I also like to shoot the SMG about 1 - 3 shots per second to try to reduce recoil mess-ups; although this helped me a lot of times. Moreover, if this video helps you get unbanned then I hope this helped you. I wish you good luck though on whatever happens.

Thanks mutanibomb for the recording. Very much appreciated.
Although, I’m not sure what to look for in this, so maybe somebody can show me what’s wrong. I know that when I shoot in scope, I can’t see my smg in the screen and therefore don’t know what’s going on with the recoil. However, when I shoot out of scope I can clearly see the gun recoil with each round fired.

I don’t know how many times I can say I’m not a hacker before it starts to sound annoying even for me.
I think this has everything to do with mouse control cause I haven’t altered a damn thing with this game.

One more thing…Reki, why did you make this a second thread? I completely understand its a second ban but its dealing with the same exact issues as the first one and if people are gonna read through this, they should be able to read the whole thing. Just saying.

What were those boxes around everyone? From the few videos of people advertising AoS hacks pn YT, it looks like ESP.

maybe he was using them to see the closest people and the farthest people? To see if he was using aimbot? I don’t know but please explain mutanibomb

In extreme situations, admins may use hacks themselves to track suspected hackers.
I personally dislike doing it, but sometimes you just have no other evidence.

The boxes are a hack that shows where every player is, it may also display the name of the players, you can turn it on or off. There is an actual menu of hacks you can use. You can even single out a player to kill. Sometimes people will use this to counter another hacker to make the game “fair”.

This questin seems really foolish right now but what is norecoil hack??.

I will answer that for you. When you fire a weapon (for example, the Shotgun), the game - first person - makes you constantly look up. This is called recoil. Without the recoil, if you fire a weapon, you will still be looking straight. People usually keep their mouse looking down while they’re firing.