Refreshing CsMaps

As the poll title goes, which of the following maps should be removed from Counter Strike Maps server. List your opinions down below and also give suggestions on which other (cs) maps should be added in the CsMaps server.

I’ll also try finding bird eye view or top view pics of each map.

In my opinion, both of CS_Assault maps should be removed or re-made.

DeDust2 [details=Click for details]

CsItaly [details=Click for details]

CsOffice [details=Click for details]

DeDust [details=Click for details]

CsAssult [details=Click for details]

DeAztec[details=Click for details]

CsMilitia [details=Click for details]

Cs1337Assault [details=Click for details]


and add De_nuke

I think a lot of these maps would be fine with a little bit of tweaking. Something as simple as adding one more way of entry on 1337 Assault would make it a much more playable map. When there’s only 3 ways of entry and each way leaves you extremely vulnerable it’s hard to attack so you just stay outside and the matches drag on…

You know originally, I had the same opinion that some of you had about Cs1337 Assault but recently I was on that map (of course I was on green) and at first I was thinking:
crap this map sucks. It’s terribly unbalanced for green. When someone pointed out that on Cs1337 isn’t a rush map, at least not for green. In fact, green started COOPERATING and decided to guard certain positions and we actually won. Cs1337 just requires different tactics from other maps - Less rushing.

then you’re considered lucky to be in a majority english understanding team :slight_smile:

Remove assault 1337 and Assault then replace them with Mirage and Cobblestone

replace all maps with abridgetoofar

Get out
You are now banned from cs maps, have a nice day! ;D

the maps on the server are the only counter-strike maps available to play.

The real problem is that the maps aren’t made for the gamemode. Without bomb-planting or hostages the map designs don’t work anywhere as well as they do in CS

On a related note: I do have an incomplete cs_havana that would probably replace 1337_assault when finished (it needs a LOT of work though)

True… it would be pretty cool if someone made a script to make an actual CS gamemode…

this game needs an actual bomb mode

I would love to see that happen, i can’t stand 1337_Assault anymore.
That could work. ^

Oh cool!

If anyone wants to take a crack at it, I have very unpolished versions of both cs_havana and de_nuke.

I didn’t get a chance to check the scale on de_nuke so it might be a tad too big or too small

here’s what they look like:

Look leaps better than 1337 lol.

I was looking into that and the other one sabotage

Iirc they are buggy but I’ll see if can get one running on a private testing server