Really just really

I’m tired of this bullshit having to withstand the comments that are sent towards me. Everything I do is no just no. Nobody appreciates me which makes me think of aloha in ways. When I read what izzy wrote about aloha I was like yeah that’s true! But now I can’t handle it anymore. Everyone throws me away like a peice of trash. That’s what I am Trash. When ever I try to help like I did in someone’s appeal what I get from Scipio is amazing. Knowing no one has my back has made it hard enough. I try to build my reputation and someone makes it fall. No matter how much I try it’s not enough! Already because of Monstarules one of my friends are most likely dead. How do you guys think I feel? I bet you have never thought of that. I don’t want to leave the community and come back, doing it once was enough. And you know that I’m serious after posting this at 11:30 PM +GMT. All I want is some appreciation for who I am. I always get judged at for my kid like behaviour from the past. I’m tired, I’m tired I’m tired of this!! I always look at the posts and it is negative.
I just don’t know what to do… I just don’t…

Ace points gun at head and pulls trigger

Ace, the reason people tend to dislike you is not because of who you were, but how you act now. Mainly the fact that you have over 150 posts in the less than two months since you’ve made that new account. Some of the threads you’ve started have been almost pointless, to say the least. This is just the tip of the iceberg too.

It’s not you, Ace, it’s your posts. Sometimes I feel like you don’t even think about your posts. Remember, this is a forum not irc or kik or some type of groupchat. You just gotta think twice, man.

Sorry if I’ve been disrespectful or anything, man.

His reaction is normal. He didn’t say that just because he hates you, but it just annoys the shit out of the banning admin. If you go sniff around some of the old ban appeals, you will see that people like you have gotten the same exact response from the admins. We hate it when people post on someone else’s ban appeal and make it a clusterfuck.


Ace is supportive, nice, and mature.


Eddy, I don’t believe that. Anonymous what I posted was actually useful. Thank you Asame.
EDIT: The reason why I have such a high post count in such less time is because of my activity, I am most likely the most active forum user. PS I’m going to sleep now so I won’t reply till tommorow

I’ve posted on a ban appeal before and Scipio posted a response. He wasn’t being rude or mean, but you could take it that way if you want. Don’t take everything so personal if someone is really being rude on the internet it’s most likely in sarcasm and not obvious anyways. Also, don’t do things that people don’t like such as necros. Even if someone does hate you who cares. Hate does more damage to the beholder than it does to you. Just let it fly and also realize that sometimes people might not hate you they are just a jerk in general or a tryhard trying to be cool and gain someone’s approval. (Idk some strange peeps on the internet sometimes with pride issues as well)

EDIT: If someone is trolling DON’T feed the troll. Just ignore them and they will get bored and try to find someone else that is vulnerable.

Ace, this is why people don’t like you :frowning: you’re being a drama queen. You’re rubbing salt in wounds, adding fuel to the fire, and pissing in the gas tanks. It’s not cool to be an attention seeker. Please dude, we’re trying to make you learn what not to do. We don’t hate you, we just find you annoying. For example, Korakoff doesn’t hate me, he just finds me annoying as shit. Last I checked, nobody said they hated you.

You need to stop acting like if every little thing revolved around you. Surprise surprise - it doesn’t.

Every action causes a reaction. People post needless comments in ban appeal section? They get called out on it. They post unreasonable or just plainly stupid remarks elsewhere - the same. Further, do they create amusing threads on how they allegedly get bashed, as a result? No. Why? Because they either adjust their behaviour (actions) after they get reasonably criticized, or they keep doing what they’ve been doing, thus eliciting a particular (here, negative) reaction.

No one is targeting you, specifically. You’re not a special little snowflake, just like anyobody else isn’t. What is the point of getting so wound up over something that happens over the Internet? You (anyone) can quit at any time you want, it’s not like you are chained to your chair, are you? Blow off some steam and come back, when you’re actually ready.

This all sounds like a compulsion to repeat the trauma, btw

See, Ace? We’re not trying to be mean, we’re trying to tell you how to act. Necroing, double posting, and mini modding is just not the protocol here. It goes back to what I said before man, just think before you post.

And don’t think you know everything, there’s a huge difference between being active and posting needlessly. This is not personal Ace, by now you should realize that, a lot of us have been immature in the past too. I’m not gonna call anyone out, but take a look at the >aP< thread I used to have up. There’s always room for improvement, man.

Also, If you haven’t realized it yet, Asame is a troll.

I know that he/she is a troll.

You did post a relevant information. However, Jedelas posted the exact same information (which you even acknowledged), and you even took a step further and double posted on a ban appeal. That sounds like a clusterfuck.

Being an active user in this community does not mean creating multiple threads that are mostly irrelevant to the game, overwhelming the forum. While all of us do encourage freedom of speech and activity in the thread, this does not mean that we encourage posting such a large amount in short while with pointless information.

tl;dr - No one in this community wants the god damned drama of yours.

You can’t really blame people for posting in a thread that wasn’t a ban appeal to begin with (or was posted in the wrong section). Also, I really do doubt many people in here check whether something new wasn’t posted before they send in their own message, that is within a reasonable amount of time.

/edit I am actually aware of that. Still, the point stands. #kthxbye

The forum actually tells you.

Anyway I think everyone should just stop posting here, since I think this topic’s purpose is finished.

Anonymous you could of said it much nicer. Alright Eddy………

Ace, why do you expect everyone to be nice to you? That’s not going to happen with anybody. There’s always going to be somebody that’s mean to you, hates you or anything. I doubt people think you are annoying because you aren’t, there has to be reasoning behind it. I have actually seen you make countless useless threads.


I apologize for my open hostility towards you. It’s based on my past and present opinion towards you, and I am obviously having difficulties trying to hide aggression towards you. It is unfair towards you to say things like that when I could’ve said the same thing in a much less belligerent manner.

Also, If you haven't realized it yet, Asame is a troll.
Define troll? Pretty sure excessive flattery isn't being a troll at all. Either way, there's no need to call people out. If you want to inform Ace that Asame is a troll just PM him.

Like you just did?

On a thread that should’ve died already.