plz unban me i wasnt aimboting i swear....[Bak]ZXCCCC

  1. Votekicks last only 30 minutes. Did you wait at least 30 minutes to make sure your “ban” is not just a votekick?
    i did

  2. What is your in-game player name? Please include it in the subject of this topic as well.

  3. What server were you playing on when you got banned? Reminder: We can only help you with bans that took place on servers.

aloha 1ctf 24/7 pinpoint
4) Why were you banned? Lying severely decreases your chances of getting unbanned. If your “little brother” got you banned, tell him to make an appeal, or accept responsibility on his behalf.
Reason: “: xkileryou Aimbotting -MrS”.
(i swear i didnt)
5) Why should you be unbanned?

PLZ aloha is my favorite and i have never aimboted in my whole life in ace of spades
6) When were you banned? Best approximate date and time, please.

zxcccc, the admin who banned you will respond to this appeal in time. Meanwhile, you might want to reconsider your story. Honesty will lead to the best resolution.

2012-10-11 04:10:06-0700 [-] go to youtube write ace of spades aimbot download and search

Why does the ban say “xkilleryou” as the name and your ban appeal say [BAK]Zxcccc? Concealment perhaps?

If you were trying to conceal yourself you’ve just blown it up by writing your actual IGN in both your appeal and your forum name. Genius move.

I’m sure Mr Stark had some fairly good reason to issue you with a ban and will most certainly post in here explaining his reasoning.

sry mrs stark i didnt wanted to insult you on arena map :DDDD

now i remember 1 st i was writing this (xkilleryou:go to youtube and write ace of spades aimbot) becouse some dude tried to votekick my friend 2 nd thats not my nick

sry mr.stark i didnt wanted to make you angry… you know what i am talking about

'Ello, you might remember me. Does this sound familiar to you?

<pp_aloha> Aimbot?
<pp_aloha> wanna it
<pp_aloha> <Chase_UC> Want what?
<pp_aloha> aimbot
<pp_aloha> <Chase_UC> Sure
<pp_aloha> go to youtube write ace of spades aimbot download and search

You kept snapping back and fort, pretty much annihilating the whole enemy, then you decided to ask “if anyone wants the hack”.

The Kyle guy asked what type of hack, then I decided to “bump in” and act as someone who’s interested in your hack.

And that’s pretty much it - a ban well deserved, even a baby would notice that you were aimbotting.

Also, regarding the votekicks, the only votekicks that were going on were against YOU, I don’t remember seeing anybody else get votekicked besides you.

Also, here’s a picture as well:

So basically you just lied about your username not being xkilleryou as you’ve just been quoted.

Concealment fail and a well deserved ban. Good night.

Who is MrS

his mom.

Haux i’m not MrS tell me who is he

Haux was making a poor “yo mama” joke. Your name happens to coincide with the joke.

Hello there, zxcccc.

I remember quite clearly your obvious and successive snaps at people’s heads, your spamming of the killfeed and I have no doubts at all that you were using an aimbot.

Yet you came here, not to tell the truth, but to claim you never aimbotted, though you clearly did.

Your ban will not be reduced, as it could have been.

…i fucking said this is not my name xkilleryou i dont know how this hapened i fucking sweared with my life i have never hacked in ace of spades and used any aimbots…and also i can swear 2 times that my name isnt xkilleryou…

Then how do you explain the chat logs?
You clearly said that you remember writting “go to YouTube, type ace of spades hack blah blah blah” and the username that was used to write that in the chat was xkilleryou.

Explain please.

[2013.01.16 18:26:52] my friend: aimbotting

[2013.01.16 18:28:23] me: ohhhh… i think it was votekick abuse or my brother aimbot(i dont think my brother do that) but idk i wanted to play with my bro and i coulnd
[2013.01.16 18:28:55] my friend: mhhh. not the brother story .everybody is using that
[2013.01.16 18:31:44] my friend: accept the picture and have a look
[2013.01.16 18:32:32] my friend: please say the true … were u or werent
[2013.01.16 18:32:48] me: i sware i have never
[2013.01.16 18:32:56] my friend: good
[2013.01.16 18:35:48] my friend: that ip was banned in october 12 …
[2013.01.16 18:36:12] my friend: the 12th
[2013.01.16 18:41:29] me: rly
[2013.01.16 18:41:35] me: 12 year
[2013.01.16 18:41:58] my friend: 2012
[2013.01.16 18:42:12] Aleksas Šivickas: october in nombers
[2013.01.16 18:42:55] my friend: 12.10.2012
[2013.01.16 18:43:03] me: :frowning:
[2013.01.16 18:43:34] me: wtf?!
[2013.01.16 18:43:42] me: how the fuck i could
[2013.01.16 18:44:14] my friend: …
[2013.01.16 18:45:36] me: get banned in october
[2013.01.16 18:46:04] my friend: …
[2013.01.16 18:46:20] me: hmm…
[2013.01.16 18:47:18] me: i have been kicked votekick command but banned never
[2013.01.16 18:47:55] Me: hmm maybe i was banned by stark i was joking on himm your mum jokes and he was admin…
[2013.01.16 18:48:59] my friend: okay , write an ban appeal and say that :wink:
[2013.01.16 18:50:16] my friend: on

Could you react to Chase’s post please?

Link for crewmembers:

We can lock this thread now.

ARN10> [BAK]Zxcccc permabanned: [Name: [BAK]Zxcccc] [Offence: Ban evasion] [Date: Sunday, 19:17 CET, 20/1/2013] [Banned by: **]

From what I see of this, there’s a chance that some network error happened…I don’t think we can close the book here just yet.

Well the reason I think that he was using a different computer is cus the IP’s involved were from two separate Lithuanian ISP’s.

Unless he’s got two connections in his house then it’s got to be the only option.