nK Cybah

Hello all. I was told to post a ban appeal, because I posted http://aloha.pk/index.php?topic=1629 .

  1. I was not votekicked. I’m fairly certain it is a global ban from all aloha.pk servers. I got kicked from arena top 10 maps, then it said banned on counterstrike maps.

  2. IGN : nK Cybah (Formerly known as Fatal || Poison)

  3. aloha.pk arena top 10 maps

  4. I got a lucky triple spray w/ the SMG, and “http://aloha.pk/index.php?action=profile;u=255” kickbanned me.

  5. I feel I got banned unfairly. The reason is “hacking”, and I did not hack. I have been playing on Aloha.pk for a couple months now, and I absolutely love the servers. I got a very lucky triple spray, and was INSTANTLY banned for “hacking”. The admin took no time or consideration into the ban.

  6. Around 8:15 CST, 12/8/2012

Hello all aloha players. I was recently in the server aloha.pk arena top 10 maps (aos://1379434439:43887), and I was kicked. I know why (I got a REALLY lucky triple SMG spray), and after it, I was greeted with the message “umadtr0ll? You cant kill anyone” I asked why it said that, then I was kicked. I then decided to join another aloha server (aloha.pk counterstrike maps) and I got the error “Error: Banned” My IGN is nK Cybah. I have never hacked or glitched in anyway, but it is saddening to see that I may be banned from my favorite server network.

To Server Admins: do you have any info on my ban?

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First of all, why isn’t Anus’ account banned?
Second, http://aloha.pk/index.php?board=23.0
Third, http://aloha.pk/index.php?topic=762.0

Yes, you were banned. The reason you were banned was for aimbotting. I have no doubt that you were aimboting.

Also: http://imgur.com/Sh6KR

A white guy, shut your white ass up i’ll pop a cap in yo ass

Its not hard to rush w/ shot-gun or SMG.

Anyways, I am basically banned for getting 1 lucky triple spray? Some admins xD

You are not banned for getting one lucky spray. You were banned after I observed you and after a little bit, I determined you were hacking.

Ban appeal moved to top of thread. ~Reki

You didnt even observe me? After I got the trip, it said I couldnt kill anyone. Then, 10 seconds after the trip, I was banned. No effort, or consideration into the ban. Instantly banned.



I was not votekicked. “colorpinpoint” kicked me, then it said I was banned on a different aloha.pk server.

Just looked at some of the ban appeals. It seems “colorpinpoint” bans anyone who has good aim.

I’m guessing Color saw you headsnapping which indicates you’re hacking. Also, look at these topics:

In the end, lying gets you nowhere. Also, there’s an edit button you can use instead of making multiple posts.


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Also, no he doesn’t. Else he’d be banning himself.

Im not even lying? I swear I didn’t hack. Honestly, how fucking sad do you have to be to hack in AoS? I would like an actual reason now please. I didn’t hack, and, obviously, I never plan on hacking. Is there anyway I am going to be brought to justice?

You must be pretty sad then. I was the one who reported you, and ColorPinpoint was watching for quite a while, only thing is, he was ‘invisible’. (i.e. Unable to be seen on the server user list, and unable to be heard because he wasn’t saying anything). I reported you on IRC, and it was obvious (at least to Color and I) that you were hacking.

First of all, if you look at your accuracy, its hard to believe that you were not hacking.

Please, don’t cuss on the forums, there are kids here (I think). The reason is, you are being accused of hacking, there is a witness (thank you Wyvren), and please, for all we know you could be lying.
Of course, I wasn’t there so I’ll leave this to the witnesses and admins.

It seems that he hasen’t logged in to his account in 10 days so requesting lock on this topic.