New gamemode for Zombies?

I think there might be a little new mode for zombies with slight modifications. I think that zombies should have infinite respawns and humans get only 1 life and tries to survive. Maybe there should even be a mode where it starts out with 1 zombies and starts to infect the humans. I also think that Rifle and Shotgun damage should be buffed than the way it is right now since it takes 10+ shotgun shells to kill a zombie and takes 10+ rifle shots to to the same.

Here’s my take:
1 zombie (dubbed alpha zombie) has 10 minutes to infect all the enemies.
Alpha Zombie is faster, has 1 hit spade, and 50 extra HP. All other zombies are normal.
Humans have multiple tents, but some are less effective than others, giving only half health and ammo.
Zombies can use grenades without damage, but have a lot of knockback, both to simulate super-jump and to catch backpedaling humans.

I think that would be a great idea, but also in normal zombies servers, SMG headshot damage should be nerfed, and buff the shotgun and rifle damage.

YOU copycat thats from jagex Ace of spades :o

Hey hey, this current zombie mode is unrealistic, not to mention unbalanced. Although it is pretty fun sometimes. I suggest that we just have some new server for more realistic and more balanced gameplay of zombies.

Maybe, but we can do THIS one well.

IMO, not really…

Zombies always get spawnkilled no matter what, which leads to a big influx of zombies ragequitting. Eventually the game dies due to the lack of zombies. This is possible due to the overpowered smg.

I was thinking of just disabling the smg in zombie mode, now that would be fair.

HMMM…maybe this is a good idea after all

Maybe just nerf the SMG, and actually buff the rifle and shotgun since it is basically useless in current condition. OR just create a god damn zombie mode that is better than this current zombie mode and better than that FaGex’s.

Or play better.

Zombies is fine, if you think they’re OP then, once again, play better.

White Guy, go play in zombies vs. humans as zombies. I can easily out run zombies 6v1 and win. Thus, I am not suggesting that we change our current server. I am suggesting that we make a SEPARATE server for that mode.

One thing I am a bit confused about is that, when you cap the intel as a zombie, your health goes back to that of a humans. :o

Why? Wouldn’t it be an awesome advantage to have the weapon capabilities of a human and the semi-infinite health of a zombie? This would make zombies want to cap the intel more, because as a normal zombie you don’t have much of an advantage. But, if you get the intel back (which as stated above is quite hard to do) you will have a MASSIVE advantage over the humans.

This would be very rare, since there aren’t many capping oppertunites while playing zombies unless you increase the limit. (Maybe to 10 if this idea is put in place?)

I also think that the person who makes the ‘winning’ cap as a zombie should get their powers carried onto the next round. (If the join zombie, the bonus holds until the person joins the zombie team.)

It’s just a suggestion. Personally, I think it would even the teams out quite a fair bit. Also add some extra challenge for those damn humans. :wink:


But I don’t think that zombies should keep their health like the normal zombies because it would be OP as hell with refills. If you want to do that, remove the refills or make the health between human’s and zombie’s

The humans are definately overpowered. It takes a lot of skill to be good at being a zombie. Also, on the maps on the zombie server, there are 3 Pinnacle2’s in the rotation and it is always Pinnacle2 when I am on. I think there should only be one Pinnacle2 in the rotation.

<zombies_aloha> SnIpEr-: SnIpEr #1 has an accuracy of: Rifle: None SMG: None Shotgun: None. Ping: 207 ms. Weapon: Rifle. Kill-death ratio of 20.00 (60 kills, 3 deaths, 4.08 kills per minute). 0 kills in the last 20 seconds. 0 headshot snaps in the last 20 seconds. Current kill streak is 3. Best is 33 kills. HP: 52


Haha ;D I take back what I said about the humans. I saw you on Zombies today. I had 58 kills as a zombie. It was fun :stuck_out_tongue:

Edit: On maps, what ever happened to Solo? That was in my opinion the best zombies map. Also, Pinnacle2 is on way too much IMO. It would be nice if there was just 1 in the rotation instead of 3.

Exactly. Humans are definitely overpowered no matter how skilled zombies are.
cough 74 killstreak cough
Oh boy, I think I caught a noob flu.

Erm, I think Sniper was playing as a zombie.

I think zombies are OP on equal teams. 9/10 times zombies will beat humans ina mano-a-mano fight thanks to their super jump and rediculus health. 50/50 would be a better ratio. 'Course, most people go for humans, so there’s usually 2 humans for every zombie, but that still has a habit of becoming a “We fired clip after clip into him but he killed both of us” situations. Again, zombies should have normal health but slightly faster.

I actually think humans aren’t OP. While I was playing yesterday, I only saw the humans win once, the rest of the wins were taken by the zombies. When I looked at the kill list, the zombies definately had more kills. I’m guessing this isn’t how it always is, since I don’t go on the server a lot, but I will definately be playing it as a zombie more.