My Opinion on the Anonymous Section


Almost all of the activity on Anon is just people going on there to talk shit about people.
Aloha is reliant on a small, dying game [for the most part], and the community is small.
So when people start trash talking other members of the community, it makes the community so much less enjoyable.

I rarely even post anything anymore because I find my opinions will get shot down and I’ll just become a hated member of the community and people will tell me to leave (which, by the way, if anyone says that in reply to here, I’ll take with a grain of salt).

I’m in this community because it’s an awesome one with a lot of awesome people. But there’s too much negativity that’s being spread. Maybe I’m taking it too literally and personally, but are all of the sarcastic jokes really necessary?

Going back to the point, the Anonymous section radiates cancer and it’s really hard not to click on a link that says “Ace da king stop !” when I check the unread posts. When I go there I’m filled with negativity and arguing. And with that negativity, I get reluctant to post anything because I’m just afraid nobody will give a shit about it // trash talk me about it.

Hate me if you want. It’ll just prove my point more.

  1. Get a backbone and stop worrying about what other people think. It is impossible for everyone to like you. If everyone seem to like you, they don’t like the real you, but a facade you have put up. It’s just how life works.
  2. If you can’t deal with negativity then spread positivity. Smiles are contagious.

The anon is a place for people to talk unrestrained. It is the real thoughts, words, and people behind the facades that people normally put up in the rest of the forums that you don’t like if you don’t like the anon section. We are humans, we’re all pretty terrible, but we try to hide it normally.

  1. I just don’t feel accepted.
  2. That’s my plan.

Why do you care about being accepted on a tiny forum for a dead game? That is the deeper problem here my friend. I’m imagining you do not have enough acceptance in real life for one reason or another and instead are trying to use the aloha community as an escape. I would not recommend that if that is the case.

Whew, i’m getting douchechills.

To be honest, we are working on making the forum alive again. I’m going to start a community poll on what games the players would like to have servers added for. We’ve done servers in the past, to some success, but we need to open up to a wider variety of people, and with advertising (I am part of at least 4 different forums), there is no reason that we cannot become popular.

Why do we need to be more popular?

Here is my opinion about the thread that probably Started this one : Some of the threads there aren’t as Toxic as the one that has been going on lately. You know that one about Ace The King. I mean, I thought I was fucking retarded but now i feel like I’m one of the only person with Braincells here. Isn’t Aloha supposed to be like a big family? Sure there is always that pissy little brother that is annoying every1 but fucking christ, I know we aren’t all fully grown ppl and it’s kinda hard to actualy accept a 15 years old person (not trying to offend any1 here), but SERIOUSLY, CUT OUT WITH THE STUPID SHIT. I hate to see that kind of stuff. Maybe he deserves it? who knows? But bashing on one single guy makes the community looks like a bunch of 12 years old that starts to hit puberty. Like WTF guys? I feel like reading that anonymous thread about Ace just gave me Cancer and blinded me. The said thread seriously needs to be DELETED. I get it, Anonymous is the part of the furom where there is no moderation but… Admins plz if you see that kind of shit, don’t let it happen. It splits the community and that’s the last thing we want to happen.

stop bully ace :’( :’( :’( :’(


What I did was that i recognized that the topic is not worth of my time and i basically didn’t read it. You don’t have to deal with everything that’s being thrown at you on forums, of course you’ll find something that is totally useless and not helpful. Just don’t take it so seriously, people have different opinions and some of them don’t know what they’re talking about.

^ He’s right you know.

Very true, Dare.

I read all of that thread, didn’t partake in one bit just cause ace didn’t cause me any trouble. :slight_smile: The anonymous section can stay where it is, though. It’s fine, there. But, a simple addition, perhaps: If you’re upset with someones’ behavior, take it up with a private message. Cause first, getting a bunch of people getting mad at the one you’re upset at will just get him more eager to defend himself. Address him NICELY in a chat message. I’ve done that with two guys I’ve already known cause I thought they had grudges against me, but I was wrong. Do something like this:

Hey, man. :slight_smile:

Recently I’ve felt like you’ve been kind of hurting lots of people, especially me. Can you explain to me what’s going on? I just want to still be friends with you :slight_smile:

Best regards,

[Your name here].

This simple private message goes a long way over getting everyone to gang up against that person.