[MLP]TheElt's appeal

  1. Votekicks last only 30 minutes. Did you wait at least 30 minutes to make sure your “ban” is not just a votekick?

No vote was started, but I did to make sure

  1. What is your in-game player name? Please include it in the subject of this topic as well.


  1. What server were you playing on when you got banned? Reminder: We can only help you with bans that took place on aloha.pk servers.

1ctf hallway

  1. Why were you banned? Lying severely decreases your chances of getting unbanned. If your “little brother” got you banned, tell him to make an appeal, or accept responsibility on his behalf.

I don’t know, I joined, said hi then got banned.

  1. Why should you be unbanned?

Because I had not done anything. I had been waiting to get in, I joined, said Hi and asked how people were doing, then got banned.

  1. When were you banned? Best approximate date and time, please.

Roughly 6:15pm-6:30pm, 9-6-2013 (DD, MM, YYYY)

Hi, TheElt. I’m the moderator who submitted the video evidence required to make a permanent ban. Yes, that’s right, video evidence. Your blatant lie has severely comprimised your chances of having that ban lifted. Now, give the truth a try.

When you say:

“I had been waiting to get in, I joined, said Hi and asked how people were doing, then got banned.”

That’s because you were nabbed for evading your original ban, which happened earlier–the result of the above-said video evidence.

Could you link me to this video evidence? If it was in your first post it’s not showing.

And what was my original ban? I hadn’t been on the server all day.

TheElt, you were originally banned for using ESP and multibullet hacks on Friday, June 7th. Subsequently, you have been banned twice for using different IP addresses to evade those bans. You posted this appeal after the most recent evasion ban which occurred June 9th. So, if you’re wondering why you’ve been banned today, it’s as a result of your actions taken on Friday, June 7th.

As I requested before, may I see the evidence that was used to ban me?

And I don’t remember playing on June 7th, the only server I have been playing before the ban was Sham’s Little Pony, and that was some time yesterday.

I have only played on this server a few times, the first time I joined was because my friend told me qbout the server, I can’t remember his IG name but I was talking to him via global, maybe the logs go that far?

And I could not use different IP adresses to evade the suppodes past bans, I requested a static IP from Sky several months ago and was informed that they had done so.

If you requested it, you have not gotten it. You have played from, and been banned from 3 separate IP addresses, all with different ranges, on June 7th (twice) and June 9th (once). Also, I’ve been informed you are now playing from a different IP yet again. It would be in your best interest not to play on aloha’s servers until this ban has been completely processed.

Here is the evidence you requested:
At 0:06 you clearly anticipate the arrival of the blue player at the crest of the wall–ESP
Your kills at 0:16 and 0:24 are indicative of multibullet.
At 0:35 you shoot at a player who’s exact position behind the wall you knew without reasonable grounds–ESP
From 1:08 onwards, you clearly track players’ positions behind the wall on your left hand side–ESP

Thank you for linking me to the evidence.

Let me start this off by saying sound is your most valuable ally in FPS games.

Now, a run through of the kills you saw.

1: The guy on the edge of the hill was not ESP (What does that stand for by the way? I know it’s the boxes around players, but never understood the abbreviation.) I saw the first person due to seeing tracers on the radar coming from the hill, I looked up and saw the first guy, I did not shoot as I saw him backing up. I decided to check the rest of the point to make sure we weren’t in danger from the ridge, I saw the players gun over the crest and waited for him to be fully visible.

The second two were due to sound, when we were firing at the enemy spawn I heard footsteps from inside the wall, I looked to where they seemed to be coming from to confirm my suspicions when a grenage was thrown through the opening. The person who ran past towards out base was also due to sound, I heard sprinting from behind the wall and again looked towards it’s position, quickly dismissing it to resume firing at the enemy.

The only modifications on my game are a custom rifle scope, and an ACR skin and scope for the SMG. And thank you for telling me that my IP isn’t static, I’ll get onto Sky about it.

But one thing, why would my IP change randomly? My router hasn’t been touched for about a week now, it shouldn’t be re-assigned an IP when it hadn’t been disconnected.

If you decide to keep me banned then I will respect your opinion and keep away from the servers incase of an IP change. I will only stay slightly active on the forums.

Here’s why I believe you should stay banned:

  1. You’ve done nothing to dispute the charges of multibullet.
  2. The sequence of events from 30 to 40 seconds, which you also failed to dispute, is clear ESP.
  3. Other admins have also brought to my attention the presence of norecoil hacks, evident in the video as well.

Lol at 4 seconds there’s no recoil. I stopped there.

/end thread.

No Recoil clear as day. what say ye?

Multibullet charges: I don’t know what that is or how one would go about doing it, but most servers that I jave been on seem to have scripts to automatically ban players with that.

30-40s: I was shooting at where I thought he was going, I saw him shoot from the bunker then run towards the wall, I decided to shoot at where I thought he would be, hoping to destroy his cover and kill him, not going for just one block to make sure he didn’t have a chance of escaping.

No recoil: I don’t even know how to explain this, I know it’s a thing but I thought it was exploiting lag or something like that.

If you stand by your decision then so be it. Any more questions you ask I will be more than happy to answer them and do as much as I can to help this process, it would just be a shame to be banned from the servers.

I do not wish to intrude but opinions are allowed when they pertain to the subject at hand.

There is clear evidence of a no-recoil hack in use in the video. You claim to know nothing of it yet you have it.

If you have one hack, there’s an 70% chance you have all the others since they typically come in packs over the internet.

Now I was not present when the ban was initiated, but from the information and evidence given:

1: definite no-recoil, defendant denies knowing of it.

2: possible ESP defendant denies having it, but knows it has the boxes.

3: defendant knows a lot of stuff about IPs and how they work and claims to not have reset his router in the last week yet his IP changes frequently, allowing for multiple citations of ban evasion.

Well my opinion would be a medium to long length ban instead of a perma due to no-recoil, allow him some leniency for his cooperation, although all evidence suggests you have other hacks. If caught in the future there would be perma ban no questions asked.

I’m not the staff who banned you so I can’t decide what happens here, but if it were me I would do this. We like to give second chances here at aloha.

Thanks for the extra view point man!

The one thing that I find a but wierd though, why would I ban evade with the same name? Wouldn’t the server automatically pick up on that and ban me?

And yeah, you learn a lot about IP adresses and how they work when you run servers, even between friends :stuck_out_tongue:

Aloha bans by IP address, which makes life easier. Much easier, Circumnavigates the changing name thing.

I and many others have seen No Recoil quite clearly. Now what that means is when you fire, your crosshair doesn’t move upwards with the built in recoil mechanics in Ace of Spades. Sure your crosshairs move but that’s mostly due to you retargeting after the shot is fired.

C’mon, you been banged to rights here lad. Honesty goes miles here.

Ah, I thought Aloha would ban by IP and name.

What I didn’t get it how it would be possible to disable those mechanics, would it leech on and re-direct the call for recoil or something?

And, hand on heart, I am being honest here, I do not, nor ever plan to own or use any hacks that do this kind of thing. I just hope you can think about giving me a temporary ban instead of a perma ban. The servers and community are un matched in every way, you’re miles ahead of the rest.

Nice try. That evidence is pretty solid if you ask me.

Also, I did a little digging… You triggered our aimbot alert multiple times with accuracy percentages like these:

Rifle: 115% SMG: 274% SMG: 257% SMG: 533%
We can't rely on those percentages alone, but this in combination with the undisputable lack of recoil and hints of esp make it pretty convincing.

And to elaborate on what TwIsTeDBuLL3T said earlier: yes, we do give second chances on aloha, but sadly for you those are reserved for the ones who are actually real honest and show remorse.

[MLP[ThElt, just give up dude. There is so much evidence against you. Why do you sit here and lie.

You definitely have no-recoil
You have either ESP or No-fog
And I noticed once or twice it looked like you got kills through the wall.

What is there to give up? I’m not trying to pull the proverbial wool over anyone’s eyes here, the only thing to give up is my chance at getting back on the server. I’m not sitting here and lying, as I have thoroughly read other appeals were the truth has given them a second chance, that’s what I’m doing here; telling the truth to try and get a second chamce for what I was accused of doing.

For the record, I would like to quote this line from one of the guides - But, if you’re innocent, maintain your innocence and don’t cave in.

Alright, onto the evidence. The accuracy percentages can be explained. If you are accurate enough and don’t miss very many shots it is easy to keep an accuracy over 100%, especially the rifle. I cannot explain why the SMG is so high, it’s recoil is immense and it’s spread is quite bad, so you’ve stumped me there. If I was using an aimbot and no recoil hacks then some of my shots would surely have missed the target, dropping my accuracy way below even 100%?

In the video I did not see anything that looked like a kill through a wall, it may just have been lag, but I’m not entirely sure. As for ESP/No-Fog I hate the idea of them both, it ruins the point of the fog if you can see where enemies are and shoot them through it, especially with the rifle. As for no-fog that’s a definite no-go, my framerate at 1024x768 is bad enough as is, I have to overclock my processor to even get above 20fps, without fog the render distance would be huge, destroying my fps, it would be a pointless addition too, as the fog provides an excelent range indicator for your weapons, if I had no-fog then I would have ended up shooting at enemies out of range and deep in the fog, making the hack obvious.

But you did do that. WATCH THE VIDEO. You look at people through walls, you kill someone who wasn’t in your sight, we have textbook evidence against you. You probably have ruined your chances. Maybe if you tell the absolute truth they might reduce your ban.