Let’s talk about our AoS servers…

Hey everyone! :wave:

There’s a very strong chance you’ve noticed some issues with our Ace of Spades servers over the past year. Incase you haven’t, here are some of the annoyances and shortcomings that have been experienced by most:

  • lag. like, really bad lag
  • smaller server/gamemode selection
  • lack of events

We’d like to use this post to try and explain the above and reassure you that a brighter future for our AoS servers is on the way :smile:

So, what’s the issue?
Since the dawn of our AoS servers, we’ve used a server implementation called PySnip. Now PySnip has never really been a showpiece of speed and performance… but we’ve never experienced such lag with it in the past.

We’ve tried combating the lag with MULTIPLE strategies, with very little luck. This included:

  • adding/removing server scripts
  • scaling down from 15+ servers to a main 5
  • running bare-bones versions of servers
  • changing the hardware we run our servers on
  • implementing server performance metrics

All of the above, plus a lot more, still left us scratching our heads and with poor-performing servers.

What’s the plan?
In September of 2021, the aloha staff decided that we should make the effort to transition from PySnip to piqueserver, as a long term strategy of fixing our issues.

Emphasis on the long term… :sweat_smile: there was a LOT of work that needed to be done to modify everything that aloha has accumulated around AoS over the years to work with pique. However, we also took the opportunity to improve on the different things we were already modifying to give us the best chance of having smooth-running servers again.

Transitioning to piqueserver also opens up the door for us to add other cool stuff to our servers, so we’re hoping this effort is a “two+ birds, one stone” sorta deal. :smile:

On top of this, we’ve also decided that we’ll be moving our servers from the West coast of the US to the East coast in parallel with us rolling out our pique servers. Running our pique servers on fresh hardware with better networking for the majority of our players seems like the best way to avoid issues.

How close are we?
This :point_up_2: is a question we’ve been getting asked a lot… and rightfully so! So many people love this game, and aloha AoS servers have always been a leading example of quality/stability.

Unfortunately… we can’t give you an exact date for when our pique servers will be ready. Everyone working on this transition is volunteering their time, which adds a certain amount of variance to the timeline. On top of that, we’re implementing a lot of structure in the backend to help us run/update these servers. As this is our first time setting up something like this, that also adds to the timeline.

However, we can confidently say that we’re beginning to see the light at the end of the tunnel. A majority of our server scripts have been ported and improved, and we’re getting a lot closer to setting up how we’ll be running these servers in the backend.

We’ll do our best to keep everyone updated as we begin to close in on finishing our transition to pique. This post was meant to give some insight as to why things are the way they are atm, but we’ll make sure to post other topics as we begin to hit some of the milestones laid out above.

Thank you for your continued patience :pray: and please don’t hesitate to ask any questions below :heart:

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