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Another year has flown by and like last year, we want to highlight what has happened throughout 2023 in our community.

Ongoing AoS server improvements

In our recap of 2022 and again in June 2023, we shared our plan to transition from our old Ace of Spades server implementation, pysnip, to the more modern software, piqueserver. In addition, we planned to move our physical server location from Los Angeles to Miami, Florida.
After meticulous planning and hard work spanning two years, we officially introduced our piqueserver servers in November 2023!

The work is ongoing, however. We’ve received multiple reports of connection issues from players, which we’ve narrowed down to poor networking in our Miami location. The aloha sysadmins are currently working together to figure out a solution to this.

The servers themselves, though, are running way better than our old pysnip servers. There are a few bugs that remain to be squashed, but porting 10 years worth of code can have that affect. Aloha will continue making fixes to our new piqueservers, so we can begin launching more/new gamemodes and features!

Improved forum navigation

In May, we introduced a redesigned sidebar to help with navigating our new forum and declutter other areas of the site!

This has been a way better solution than what we had; it’s hard to picture the site without it!

Ace of Spades Clients category

In March, we rolled out our new AoS Clients category!
Not only does this provide an easy place for new players to download the game, but it has also helped with preserving and maintaining new/old clients. There are currently 9 different variations that can be found in the category!
Visit to check it out!

Map rotations

In February, we introduced a new group, @map-connoisseurs, with the members being in charge of selecting the map rotations for our AoS servers!
The goal of this group was not only to reduce the amount of bad maps within the rotations, but to also increase the amount of rotation updates we do.
We’ll continue to refine our rotations and have consistent rotation updates in 2024!


We continue to receive gameplay clips in our #media:clips category here on the forum and the #clips channel on Discord! One of our favorite from 2023: “@Aleuno disrespects the red team, midair”

We would love to use footage in promotional clips on YT/TikTok to promote AoS and gain more players! Continue to post your clips, and don’t be surprised if the @news-team reaches out :grin:

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Thank you for spending your time in our community in 2023 :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: We look forward to seeing you in 2024!

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