Welcome to better, faster aloha.pk Ace of Spades servers! Piqueserver is here!

Hello, aloha! :wave: We have some exciting, historic news to share!

As we announced back in June, aloha was making drastic changes to our Ace of Spades servers to provide a better experience for our players. After 2+ years (not an exaggeration :upside_down_face:) of hard work, we are finally ready to open our new servers to the public!

What’s new?

To begin with, our physical AoS server has moved locations! We are no longer located in Los Angeles, but rather a new host in Miami! You can get more details about this new location on our Server Hardware page! → Hardware specs for hosting our game servers
We have already seen reports of major improvements in player’s ping on our test servers. We hope that’s the case for you, too!

Secondly, we have upgraded our server software from PySnip to piqueserver! There’s a lot of technical mumbo jumbo as to why pique is the better option than PySnip, but it basically boils down to better performance, better support, and more up-to-date technology.

Moving to pique meant porting a lot (50+) scripts from our old servers. These scripts control most of everything you experience on the server; from the largest to the finest of details. We did take the time to add in new things and improve upon logic, BUT the main goal was to not lose any features from our existing servers. We’re happy to say we accomplished this goal!

We are launching our new servers with 3 of our core AoS gamemodes. Babel, Arena10, and 1v1! We will be adding more gamemodes and servers in the future as we become more stable, so stay tuned!

How to play on these new servers?

To play on our new pique servers, just find any aloha.pk server on the masterlist like you would before! We have decommissioned our PySnip servers, so any aloha server is now running on pique!

What’s on the way?

Moving to piqueserver opens the door for us to add new features and have more fun! Here are some things to look forward to that we’re planning:

  • AoS Events - with better servers, we’d like to resume hosting events for the community!

  • More Servers/Gamemodes - as mentioned above, we’ll be adding more servers and variety of gamemodes!

  • Map Rotation Updates - we’ll be updating our map rotations more frequently, to keep things fresh!

  • More Advertising - with better servers, we’ll be increasing the amount of AoS advertising we do to hopefully bring in new players!

  • And More! - new emotes, babel heavens, gamemodes, gamemode mechanics, and additional improvements are also planned!

We hope these new servers provide a better experience for everyone, and we appreciate the patience as we were putting this together. Enjoy and have fun! :partying_face:

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