Imm0rtalAssasin ban appeals

Why was I banned from the aloha servers…When it says I’m not on the blacklist. I didn’t hack either…can some one UNBAN me?! When I’m clearly not on the ban list and don’t hack…FIX IT PLEASE!! OR DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT!! :C
Unless I was kicked for a bogus reason…Please Unban me.

theres a template you need to fill out but ill tell you that you were banned for aimbotting under the name Fuck…Blue. Im not the admin who banned you but the evidence states that you typed that you would turn off your aimbot if another aimbotter turned off his. This was on the pinpoint server. Once the admin who banned you sees this, it will be up to him to decide your fate.

Which Immortal is this one? the Ex-SAS? or some guy I have never heard of?

Just wondering

Umm…Pretty sure that wasn’t me I wasn’t on AoS for like the past few days cause I have been busy with school,just been on forums. And yes, Jimmy it is me Ex-SAS Imm0rtal. I was not on for the last few days or it either was my brother hacking on my AoS account =.= I apoligize for his actions he is a bit immature then me…and yes…he does get to play on my account do to several reasons…=.= He is a bit short tempered no wonder he would have that name…Sorry.
I might as well start packing up my stuff cause I can already see my fate going down hill considering that admin is gonna call this Shenanigans…Byeee

more often than not cheaters use the, “it was my brother” excuse, so now your story is less believable, but even if you’re telling the truth, how do you expect us to control your immature brother if you can’t even do it from the same household? we can’t let you play if he’s just going to use your connection to trash things up.

Trust me I have control over my brother he is younger then me man.
Other then that he can go play on his little Gameing systems.
Or I can make a separate profile on my computer and NOT!! let him play AoS ever again =.=

iv’e know immortal for a long time and i can vouch for him he does hack unsual hes on the forums and and when he plays he unsual on with clan mates talking about how to make improvments. please unbann him!!!

Ha your English is quite bad bro Sorry! :confused: BUT THANK YOU VERY MUCH FOR VOUCHING ME!!! *Even though I might get banned for life…I appreciate you vouching for me bro. Hope others do to :slight_smile: Known you guys since SAS.

I found out I was banned AFTER about…3-4days…cause of my brother…Can you please tell the admin who unbelievably banned my account for nothing =.=…I have removed the hacks and put a password on this Profile of my computer…Please I just want to be Unbanned so I can play with my Clan mates :'C

I can say, as a general blanket, you are responsible for your computer.
You are responsible for whoever touches your computer.
If your little brother comes and screws things up, that is still your responsibility.

Thus, you have to shoulder the consequences.

If you want to play, there are plenty of other servers. Just keep off of aloha and minit.

Yeah but all other servers that are NON ALOHA have major hackers =.= and most of those crappy servers don’t even have votekick or a admin bot included…why are people trying to stop hackers when the game itself can’t even prevent aimbotters like my brother? God…when is the admin that kicked me gonna decide my “FATE”…Huh? I just want to get UNBANNED and play with my clan members like a regular person…

I remember Izzy giving out a couple second chances before… Why not now?Just keep tabs on his IP and player, make sure he claims to have made a ‘separate profile’ and if he so much as glitches out of spawn for a head start throw the ban hammer at him.
It won’t hurt your reputation whatsoever, possibly help.

Thanks Jimmy. I appreciate it very much bro.

Sorry your brother ruined things for you, if that is true, but you deserve to be banned either way in my opinion.

Hello! LinStar here, leader of [INV]!

So Imm0rtal is being banned for something he hasn’t done but no one will believe him. The reason why no one believes him because they do not know who he is. I do know who he is. Notice how everyone who does not know him posted either accusing him of aimbot or saying he should be banned. Trust me, I always have the same situation as Imm0rtal. My little cousin, not a teenager yet, has always gone on my computer and does as he please. I do not yell nor do I get angry for what he has done because I do know younger children such as my cousin does not know what they are usually doing and only does it to please themselves and get others angry. (That is a fact that we all know)

Imm0rtal is being accused of aimbotting. Hmm, may I see evidence on his accuracy and ratio during that time and not only that, during everytime he has played AoS in a server. It’s very easy to say someone is hacking or to see someone say he has “Aimbotted.” While playing in servers, we always joke around by accusing eachother of aimbot. Usually when others we do not know accuse us of hack/aimbot, we play along and have fun. You may ask members in DELTA and SAW, (Very fantastic clans!) They know us by now and they do know that INV clan and the members has never hacked or aimbotted.

A good person would look into this situation and make it a fair decision for both evil or bad. Doesn’t matter who they are, what they are or where they are from, we can’t just see the bad side in them. (Look for the positive side) Imm0rtal is not a bad person, I put him as INV Co-Leader for a reason. Not only is he not a bad person, he gained my trust and respect. It does seem right to ban someone for what they did, espically if it was hack or aimbot. But let’s put it this way, take one of your close friends in AoS and see him be banned from AoS because of aimbot or hack or being accused of it. He comes running to you and asking for your help, what do you do? Let him be and see him get banned or try and help your close friend as much as possible?

This is what I have to say, “think carefully before you make a decision, just don’t reget anything.”


Lin i understand that you want to “help” your friend here but its really none of your business nor anyone elses for starters. “We” Dont have to show proof nor need too. He already admitted there were aimbot hacks on his PC that he got rid of, thats all the proof you will see.

As for you, Imm0rtalAssasin, all i can say is i will look at this myself and make sure the admin knows about it and it will be dealt with one way or the other. Just hang tight and something will be done.

Not exactly, Imm0rtal is like a family to me… It’s a family problem and we are here to help out. I understand what you are trying to say. He said his little brother has done the aimbotting so Imm0rtal is being accused for it like an older brother would take the blame for his younger brother. Even if it wasn’t his fault, comminucation is what’s best to solve every problems basically. Plus, we both don’t know eachother and most likely we will be ending up in the wrong footsteps of eachother if neither of us don’t give in.

I led over a thousand of people without breaking a sweat and all of them respected me and still do today. As I read your post for me, I find it not the way you’re suppose to speak to someone but hey! If this is how you guys handle things, then so be it. :slight_smile: Remember, your words speaks for not only you, but those who are on your side. LinStar Out!


*Big Jim sticks nose in wrong place again

Linstar does seem quite dedicated to get immortal unbanned.

You think you are helping the situation but you are hindering it. Matter of fact its not my ban so good luck!

Well, I’m not really in position either (not my ban), but here’s an analogy:
You have a car. A friend of your’s uses your car and gets into a car accident, killing someone.
Who’s to blame?
In my opinion, both the reckless driver and the car owner not taking care of his car is at fault.

I understand that little siblings can cause problems, but you should’ve realized that in the first place. Yes, you didn’t know that your little brother would come and screw things up, but ignorance is not an excuse. It’s equally important to think before you act and think before you remain inactive.

But of course, there will always be exceptions. Admins review these ban appeals and, sometimes, decide that an indefinite ban should be shortened to a finite one. Remember the purpose of a ban: to force you to reflect on your actions (or in this case, inaction in taking preventative measures). Let it serve you as a reminder to not have others touch your stuff and do things which will disgrace your name.