I have been perm ban.

I know how you all feel knowing that i have been perm ban, feel like killing yourself. WELL DON’T. I know games will be boring without me, without my trusted loyalty, encouragement to other players, my pure skill of the game, . Hold in your tears, i will always be in your hearts. Its been a good run, catcha cunts.

Anus Out.

Finally! ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D

This was a last resort, and I warned you on multiple occasions. I joined the IRC, looked at the aloha log channel, and I saw you calling another player a “cunt”, throwing racial slurs around like it’s some sort of game, and generally being mean. You shouldn’t join a server just to upset people, that’s not right at all. We’ve had people join the forums just to let us know about your terrible behavior.

Thank you,

You will truly be remembered in our hearts and always be in our thoughts. We wish you farewell and orevwa! :’( (thats french for goodbye) Best of luck in your endeavours.

Least we forget.

Are you feeling okay Bukkit?

I have the strange feeling Bukkit has been hacked.

The real bukkit head is not this weird.

I know right?

I think I heard fireworks outside. Anyways PXYC, I’m sorry but I dont really have the few hundred dollar check I promised but here’s the Noble Peace Prize:


I asked Bucket about his post about A Virus’ ordeal and he said he didn’t know what was up with him. He’s probably replaced by a French hacker because he said a French word.

PXYC, it is a game.

…that you just got banned from.

don’t worry to much, im sure you will see someone playing on pinpoint or hallway tomorrow who speaks the same as me :wink:

It’s a game, but we don’t want our players to get upset, which they have been. That’ll just ruin aloha’s reputation as a nice server.

I said to Anus ‘You can have fun, but as long as your fun doesn’t ruin others’ fun’ I said that to him twice, wonder if he actually remembers that?


What’s this someone’s name going to be, asshole?

well if i told you it wouldn’t be fun :wink:

Double entendre spotted.
Here’s a free internet, good sir.

Glad that you identified my rhetorical language.

shut your mouth slut,

Finally ;D You have been upsetting a lot of players and as well as me 8)