How long did it take for you to be reviewed for admin?

I’m waiting to see if I will become an admin but I made this poll to answer the question of how long it takes to become admin once and for all.

right now it can take anywhere from 1 week up to 2 months to become a guard, and indefinite time after that for promotions

So do you have to be guard to become an admin??

guard, moderator, administrator so yes

Does that mean my admin application will not even be considered??? I don’t understand it said my admin application has been received and they are gonna review it. Where will I apply for guard? and can a guard do anything special?

When you apply for adminship you are really applying for guard to become an admin. You dont just become one. Guard is the trial admin position or level 1 of the admin process. Moderator is the level 2 position with more tools that you can use ingame and a little more responsibility. Admin is full responsibility with all the tools and knowledge you need to carry out the duties of such. You are constantly being monitored throughout the process of each level. When a applicant puts in a application, He or she will be monitored and then voted on by Admins. Our positions are not just handed out, they are earned on many different levels.
if you show you are trustworthy, how you act towards others, reations towards others, etc are just a few things we look for. There are many more. People with no patience seldom get very far. I hope this answered your questions.

Ok, thank you very much that answers all my questions. :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

That seems out of wack, seeing that my application was entered May 20 something. Thats, June 20th, July 20th, August 15th, almost THREE months, not two.


The more you whine about how long it takes, the less chance you have of getting accepted. Found out the hard way.

Who said im complaning? Just stating a simple fact lol.

It does take a while 6 months ussualy it looks like.

Who picked the 1-7 days?

Maybe an aimbotter/obvious troll here (insta-reject).
Possibly izzy or someone who founded aloha (technically incorrect, since it’s 0 days!)

ADDENUM: I myself forgot how long my review period was, but what seemed like an eternity then seemed very short right now. Keep playing on aloha servers, hang out on our IRC, post in the forums, and generally show your face here more often. Activity is considered in our reviews!

I’ve waited for awhile but thats OK!!! ;D :smiley: :wink: :slight_smile: 8) ::slight_smile:

Don’t trust everything people put in that poll. Maybe sometimes it felt like 3 - 6 months, but we certainly did not have more than two or three people waiting that long.
The chances of that happening nowadays, now we changed the way apps are reviewed, are slim anyway.

It will take as long as the wind takes to blow as long as it takes the moon to rest,as long at it takes for wolves to sing at night or as long as it takes for someone to kill Reki on Pinpoint.


That’s not very long at all.
Wait, dammit.

Not if Color is on ;D

Colorblind. I fail regardless if there’s colors or not.