help4ban appeals

Any admin remove this thread I'm quitting aloha.PK permanent if my reestablished permaban is removed -_-.



I know all hack too, can I help with appeals??? We can be butt buddies!!!

k (i still cheat sometimes testin new ones. my latest is AluminiumCrusher for openspades and its best openspades hack. can even beat any 0.75 hack. but i cant seem to compile on linux…i dont cheat on aloha servers tho

only cheaters that dont want the admins to know that are lying vote no :stuck_out_tongue: or ppl that never got bant.

gee i wonder how did aloha sustain itself all these years without ur help

im banned from aloha servers when using aos client lel.


no i have respect for aloha and some others.

i never cheat anymore on aloha since ban. only on abandoned or not anti cheated servers. i just have respect for cuz its the only “stil living” community with buildandshoot in aos.

i think ender would be a great addition to the administrative team, good idea ender

i have found 11 snaps in reaperX video while admin did only 2 or 3 and i noticed nr and ns really fast because of his movement lag.

i hope there is any status for what i want to do lel.

It’s sad that he brags that he makes hacks.

if i would become part of the administrative team with the status “evidence inspector” i could really help spoof out doze lies and let the admins know the truth. but i first need to have acces with 0.75 client for topovl (i can run aos client using wine on linux but if i use the client it says banned while it doesnt on windows openspades. i can use an injector 2 btw) cuz im banned from aloha servers acces using 0.75 client.(not openspades but it doesnt work cuz it runs in windows cmd enviroment)

You do realize that we ban by IP’s, right? Not based on clients?

I seriously don’t understand why you were unbanned at all, you’re basically trying to suck up to the staff so that you can have at least some sort of cover when you hack next time. You even admitted that you hack on unpopular or abandoned servers.

Before we unban people, we ask them to promise to never EVER hack again. Not only do you continue to hack, but you also actively develop hacks. Kinda goes against your promise, doesn’t it?

I don’t know who unbanned you or why the actual fuck they unbanned you, but I think they made a huge mistake.

A sad little boy this Ender.
Typical compensation behavior for failings in other areas.

Rather than spending his time cheating, he could have done something productive, like coding on one of the clients (assuming that he really CAN code), but instead he spends his time damaging a game that he appears to like playing.

Hope that he will grow up one day.

Hi Ender,

We do not grant promotions willy nilly and are certainly not going to change how we do things now. If you want to post and help on ban appeals, then you are required to be a staff member. That means going through the same process as everyone else.

Therefore, your first step would be to apply for a trusted status.

Sidenote: Until you get a trusted position and then a guard position, your two cents is not welcome on the ban appeals.

I don’t agree with giving a known hacker anything close to a staff position, but him helping with appeals without a position doesn’t really matter, especially if it helps the admins.

Also Endo, instead of developing more hacks, why not work on scripts to better combat hackers?

Funny ass.
Aren’t you the famous hacker on BnS forums? “The third person to create open spades hacks”

Here he acts like he hasn’t done shit, but on BNS, oh my god. He is the king of Bragging about hacks that he probably downloaded