I joined the arena all maps server and two players are playing, and they immediately votekicked me. I don’t think kicking people to have a private match is fair, so now I can’t play for 30 minutes. e_o
Just wanted to tell someone because i’m sure that’s against the rules blah blah

I probably shouldn’t be sticking my nose into this before an admin has responds, but

(1) Write this in the format that is posted at the first topic of the Ban Appeal Thread.
(2) Try your best to use proper grammar and punctuation. You look better if you don’t “tipe liek dis”.
(3) Answer the questions in the preset format completely and thoroughly. The admins can understand you better if you do this :slight_smile:

I’m not really trying to get my ban appealed, just saying what happened

Oh? Well then you should use the “Abuse Reports” Forum to tell this story. Also, seeing as you were only votekicked, maybe this thread doesn’t belong here?

The Proper Forum:

Sorry lol x)
I’m not great at navigating in these forums haha

Judging by the time, your votekick should have been voided by now. However, if you want to stop getting votekicked and are tired of these incidences occuring, applying for a trusted password is recommended.

Good idea :smiley:

Erm, I thought Kaylaa was banned for no recoil.

The video evidence showed little proof of no recoil due to it being only a single kill. For that matter, she was given the doubt and was unbanned.

Well it must’ve been handled outside the thread then.

In any case, the ban list states otherwise. Color banned her 3 times, once for esp, once for evasion, and then a range ban for evasion, all in hallway (same as last time), and all recently.

And I guess no one else watched that video. It was pretty clear.

I thought it was clear as well that she was hacking, but noooope. She was unbanned, and was allowed to continue playing on these servers.

Also, I do believe it was stated in the appeal that she was going to be unbanned.


It seems that it was a different person. The ip’s are really far apart. The one I banned is fron netherlands iirc.

Though kaylaa, do you know why someone would copy your name?

Dunno where else it was handled, I was looking at this thread:

Maybe I’m just not seeing it, lol.

As I said in the thread that ei8htx just said above me, the name she used whne she reported a ban appeal, could have been someone else. The name is sometimes used more frequently.

If you haven’t posted in the other forum, who were the people who votekicked you? Votekicks like these are a bannable offense.

VK was removed.

As a reminder, if things like this happen, it’s best to go to our IRC and tattletale right away.