Happy April Fools Day!

Hey guys! Did you all have a good Aprils fool day?!
I had the best one ever! I pranked my principal by giving her a paper saying she’s fired and why lelwleleel i wrote it and printed it. It was so freaking funny. I wish I recorded her reaction.
I also pranked my brother hehehe. I shot him with my paint ball gun and oh it hurt a lot!
Got pranked or pranked someone? Post here :slight_smile:
Again, happy April Fools day or should I say yppah lirpa sloof yad!

Stop being a dick to the principal. And shooting your brother with a paintball is a dick too.

Stop being a dick to the principal. And shooting your brother with a paintball is a dick too.

JINX! that was some coincidence X’D

Thank you for the comments regardless of what you have said. I just came on and got happy people posted, and this is what I see. Want my respect? Earn. It. And this is exactly what I mean, whatever I do whether I try to make someone laugh, or make a thread. Regardless of what it is when I come on I always have to see these types of comments. Always.

Nice job, but the principal probably and realistically would hardly take someone your age serious for such an important topic. April Fools pranks should blend in more and be less noticeable.

Nah, she fell for it until she reached for the phone, I had to tell her it was a prank :stuck_out_tongue:
EDIT FOR BEFORE ASAMES POST: Do you know how much of a dick you two are?

Honestly, it’s the respect you’re not earning. Like, I believe Torch said, the World doesn’t revolve around you. You might think people want to earn respect from you, but it’s mostly everyone who you do something to to not cause them to give you respect. If that made any sense to you. :stuck_out_tongue: I mean, I don’t hate you or anything, but by the way you act and say things, it would teach you how some of us people feel when some of us post mean comments to you. I don’t really know much about your past, but from other people’s perspectives, it doesn’t look so pretty.

I don’t think there’s anything wrong with thread, but I would be scared of my principal personally.

On topic, I didn’t get much good pranks in.

I stayed home all day, like Im gonna do the rest of the week :3
It is Semana Santa, so no classes!


Yes, indeed, happy April Fools day. Oh wait, it’s April 2nd now. Oops.

I blame Disney for making violence funny.

how is shooting your brother with a paintball gun a prank

Haha, I knew someone would ask that! Simple I hid in his closet and waited until he came and BOOM the second he comes in shot at the arm! (I told him to come in 5 mins cuz I needed him, then I prank him.)

Shooting your brother with paintballs sounds like a very big dick move.

Paintball* and it’s not that painful if you’re ready for it. And I get that a lot, is it too hard to read previous posts and results?

You said you surprised him. He wasn’t ready for it.
And just surprising someone and shooting them straight up with a paintball gun isn’t that funny, either.

You know what I will just ignore you guys (Anon Mostly).
To prevent problems/wars/fights.

Why can’t we be friends?

Because paintballs hurt ;W;
They also hurt the feels(?)
Either way, how was his reaction?