Happy April Fools Day!

He tried acting as if he fainted and so I came closer and then he kicked me in the face ;-; Now I have a peice of my tooth broken. But tbh he didn’t rlly care he just wanted revenge lel

Have to say, you had that coming

Yeah lol

It’s not safe to shoot someone with a paintball gun without eye protection. If you would’ve hit him in the eye he would most likely be blind for life in that eye. Please think through actions before you do them.


Going to have to agree with Torch here. Being blind on one eye after so long living with a pair is not a good feeling.

I didn’t shoot him in the eye. I’m not that stupid to do that to my brother :blush:

Just saying, I wouldn’t trust anyone ever the top US sniper to shoot me with a paintball gun without eyepro. He could slip or I could duck or trip on something when I came in the room and before you know it I’m blind. Just don’t shoot anyone without them having eyepro on.

Neither would eye, (Offtopic) why do they even let people have guns .-. I mean I love America just hate the law it’s 100% stupid + Obama should not be president.
p.s I was born in America

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So Americans can fight back the tyrannical police if need be.

LOL. By the way, (offtopic) are you fucking kidding me, am I really that hated that ppl would make a ban ace thread just because I pawned there a$$'s in .pk push

Skyla13 isn’t dead. Ffs, don’t trust what people say over the internet

I should be allowed to go hunting anytime I want to.
I should be able to defend my home from hoodlums :^).
I should be able to partake in a pastime that has been around before the US was created. (Target shooting)
I should be allowed to own a gun just because I want to.
I should be a fear of the government not fearful of the government.

“When government fears the people, there is liberty. When the people fear the government, there is tyranny.” - Thomas Jefferson (Or TJ as I like to call him c: )

Guns aren’t the issue, people are. Guns never rise up and go kill people just like fishing rods don’t rise up and go kill people. You need to address the mental issues in people not tools. Millions of people die in car crashes. Should we outlaw cars? Planes are used by terrorists to blow up things. Should we outlaw them too? Sorry, but guns never have been an issue anywhere or anytime. Gullible people just get brainwashed by mass media and think “ohh the solution to all our problems is to let the government (obviously must be perfect and wishes our well-being above all else) govern and control every aspect of our life, so no one never makes a mistake or does something wrong.” #1984

[shadow=black,left]Murika! FUCK YEA![/shadow]

(soz for necro post, just genuinely excited there’s red blooded patriots here)

Lol. Don’t forget, gun is only one letter off from fun. :wink:

Don’t forget me, ei8htx. I have a Jeep and a Remington. Time to go rioter-- I mean bird hunting

Should’ve came to Baltimore with me, Monsta.

i wanted to hunt birds so bad but Canada is so mean to me