Fixed "Best'er" award

Sorry, the poll n the original was broken :confused: (any admins please delete the original)
This is totally unnoficial, and will run for a week. Vote for Your favorite’ers, the top three get unnamed prizes (no monetary prizes though). Anyone who wins will also get a custom siggy to flaunt, and will be named “The Best’er 2013”.

Take your name out of the poll and maybe it’l be somewhat realistic.

Hey, I’m fairly well known here. Don’t whine and just vote liek a man!

I’m not whining, I’m voicing my opinion.

a lot of people are missing from that list.

what makes someone the best? everyone is the best in their own way.

this topic is just going to make people feel bad.

I know, izzy, but I think it gives people something to strive for.

Woo go Tank! (I voted for him :D)

Someone’s enthusiastic aboot the idea :smiley:

I’m not on the list. >:( :’(

To monster: even though your mean, you start good topics and your a good friend.


:O!! I’m not there? (Jks.) Some of the people on the list are not aloha.pkers though.

So much choices i dont even.

Not really sure if that will actually give people something to strive for, but problem with this poll is that people who start the poll doesn’t usually include the people playing on the server that they don’t. (Unless this award is for people who are active on the forums itself)

I agree with izzy.

Pokefan, I completely agree with izzy on this one.

Furthermore, who came up with the list? I’m going to guess it’s you.
There are two people on this list I don’t even know that I’ve seen, and countless other forum/irc users who are missing from it.

The only way for something like this to be legitimate, even though it is “unofficial”, is to make it a community effort. Forum or IRC users would nominate others to be on the list, or something of that fashion.

All I see here is a list you threw together, of people you are familiar with.

Lets see, the “Best’er.”
There are at LEAST 100 people who are on this forum or on the servers. Why do you think that you can eliminate more that 1/10 of them?
(Not Voting)

Sorry, it’s a little rushed next year, maybe you can run for '14

Guys, there are just 15 finalist slots each year, and as of next year, 30 nomination slots, sorry! If I had the time to pile in every’er to ever step foot in the forums/servers/IRC This list would be hundreds long and votes would be so scarce That People with only a couple votes would win >:(

I just think that this kind of award shouldn’t really exist since the list really depends on the poll starter. Also, I don’t think that people should be getting awards.

  1. People post useful tips, but I don’t think that is enough reason for them to be getting awards.
  2. It just makes other people who aren’t on the list not appreciated or welcome EVEN IF you say that there are more people who just didn’t make it to finals.
  3. People will just spamming and start posting randomly. It encourages people to mass post in order to be noticed and have a chance of making it to the list of awards.
  4. I just don’t see the point of this award.

I really appreciate everyone here that post things, even the admin who permabanned me (and unbanned me), or those who doesn’t really agree with my opinions. I just don’t think that the award is a way to go in order to show them how we appreciate them.

or meee 8) :wink: