So my friend gave me his laptop because he got a new one, but before he did he showed me ace of spades and i thought it was really cool, but he used hacks (which is cheating and no one should do it) and got banned and i didnt know about it. so i went to play and it said i was banned but i didnt do anything wrong. so i tried to set up a new account and it still didnt work. im sorry for what my friend did and i dont like cheating in games and would love to become an admin to ban those hackers so if you could please unban me from the aloha pk servers.

Use the template

My ign is DRxCxDog

My friend got banned from the aloha pk arena server

he was banned for hacks (which is cheating i know that, i read the terms and conditions of ace of spades)

i should be unbanned because it wasnt my fault and i dont like cheating i just want to have fun like everyone else

im not sure what you mean by date and time but todays date is 11-29-12 10:17

p.s. i created a new account from the previous two my friend used (Featherhead1108, and DRxCxDOG) the last two letters “OG” are capitalized mine arent.

The admin who banned you is offline now. Give him at least a day or two to respond, alright?
We’ll see what goes when he comes.

Thank you for the notice.

So, yea, I was the admin who banned “your friend”. First thing is first, does he still have access to this laptop that you currently use or the network that you are on?

No he moved out, but we do still share the same email is that a problem?

I also wiped the computer clean and installed new stuff in the laptop as well.

Did you ip ban him color because if u did then wouldn’t that nullify the ban since i would assume he has a different ip than his friend.

Are you telling stories to get unbanned DRxCxDog?

No I’m not, I have the same computer he got banned on, I had another laptop but it broke so I’m using the on my friend gave me. The one he is banned on. I’ve tried everything from setting up a new account to wiping the computers hard drive clean and buying new software and everything. Nothing works.

i think i understand you now. so you two lived together then he moved out but gave you the computer?

Yeah, he didn’t need it anymore he was done with school so he let me have it for projects and stuff.

hmmm well your either telling the truth or you’ve come up with a well thought out lie. But thats not for me to decide.

I understand if you think I’m lying and your entitled to your opinion I can’t change that, I know it’s hard to believe but it’s the truth. I’m just having a hard time trying to figure this out.

Ok, so there’s these things called IP Addresses. They’re provided by your ISP (internet service provider). This would be like Cox Cable or Verizon, amongst many others.

This IP Address is assigned to your house (more specifically, the modem). Any computer that hooks up through through your router and modem will have the same IP.

This IP address is not to be confused with your local IP address (which is assigned by your router to individual computers and devices in your home and not visible to the outside world).

This means no computer/software change will ever get you unbanned, as it’s your IP address that is banned, not your individual computer (those are MAC addresses, but that’s another story).

This is why trying to be clever and aimbot on another computer is an epic fail.

TL;DR; you can’t play on a different computer in your same home. Your home is banned.

I played on the servers with my laptop (before it broke, and before he was banned) that’s the only time I played. It just kind of sucks, you know, but I play as much as I can when ever I can join a server. So he gave me his laptop when he move out because he didn’t need it anymore.

I dont think you get the admins point, you’re house is banned. It has nothing to do with the laptop.

Oh…so should I even be bothering the admins about unbanning me then?

You don’t have to get too specific with the details, but here’s how things work.

  1. You connect to the internet from somewhere, just like you live somewhere. And just like you live somewhere, your connection point is assigned an address. We call this the IP address.
  2. When bans are enacted, we’re banning all incoming connections from your IP address. Thus, any attempt to connect to our network using your internet connection point, regardless of what device you’re using, will result in a “banned” message.
  3. When we unban people, we lift bans on the IP addresses.

Right now, we’re somewhere around 2), and you’re shooting for 3).

Thanks for saying that, you just lifted my hopes. I saw the new update coming out and it looks awesome. Hopefully I’ll be able to play on the aloha servers! And even if it doesn’t happen I’d like to thank everyone for helping me understand what was happening and for the information you gave me thanks. Also can you tell me if I might have a more likely chance of maybe becoming an admin if I do get unbanned, if you don’t mind reki thanks for your time.