Ban the user above you

Ok so the rules of this game is to ban the person how posted above you.
Example: user 1: banned for making the thread
User 2: banned for stating he started the thread. and so on.

hismom: Banned for giving examples.

Twisted: Banned for banning someone for giving examples.

banned for spamming “miaw :3”

Banned for not spelling Monster right.

Anonymus: Banned for having a girl/woman as a profile picture.

cuulli: Banned for being German (no offense).

Xboys: Banned for being a letter :stuck_out_tongue:

Dosss:banned for being a mythical creature

Hismom: Banned for not knowing Im a fire cat now :3

Banned for saying Miaw

Monsta: Banned for banning a person for same reason.

Anonymous : Banned for being sexy.

banned for being red

Banned 4 grief

Thats a little bit mean Monsta…

Ban monsta for being rude

Crazy: Banned for being in space.

banned for burning everything

Banned for spamming

banned for saying something i didn’t do