ban appeal of Jennifer or _, again

  1. Votekicks last only 30 minutes. Did you wait at least 30 minutes to make sure your "ban" is not just a votekick?
    I wasn't on an aloha server when I was doing the thing, so it couldn't be. I was on MGC Hallway, and logged in as admin.

  2. What is your in-game player name? Please include it in the subject of this topic as well.
    _, Jennifer, [KOS] Jennifer.

  3. What server were you playing on when you got banned? Reminder: We can only help you with bans that took place on servers.
    I wasn't playing when I got banned, but was banned from aloha

  4. Why were you banned? Lying severely decreases your chances of getting unbanned. If your "little brother" got you banned, tell him to make an appeal, or accept responsibility on his behalf.
    I was banned for getting a screenshot of a hack that is available to all openspades users with specific settings and a chat command, and being a retard and spreading that and instructions onto the Discord. I'd since deleted those messages.

  5. Why should you be unbanned?
    I was only hacking to get a screenshot demonstration of a hack that's available for all openspades users with specific settings and a chat command. I wasn't on Aloha at the time. I want to make it so aloha has a script to detect such a clientside chat command, and either ban for it or alert admins ingame/via irc.

  6. When were you banned? Best approximate date and time, please.
    8:44:02 PM (edit: eastern standard time) September 4th, 2016

First let me clear up some stuff, You gave it on request I read it in the 3mins or so I was in discord.
(redacted Temp) (Admins can see it in the thread I made in the admin section)
(To clarify, I came into the [Edit] Discord and skimmed a bit, then I saw that)

Edit: Its Jennifer describing how to use the exploit
Secondly there is evidence according to color you have been using it since 8/23
Thirdly, You have been WARNED about this stuff before by others admin.
Fourthly, You have been BANNED for the same offense.
You really don’t care and think you can keep skirting around the rules.

As Promised to my fellow staff this is open to their opinions and I will go with the majority consensus. If you as much as sneeze on the servers (evade) this appeal is instantly denied what ever my fellow staff say. Without the chance to re-appeal in the near future.

If anyone other than an admin comments it will be removed.
If you have something that actually adds something revealing into this appeal feel free to message it to me.

Clarification: I am not a voting member

First off I will say I am sorry for my previous issues with admins, I will make a post about it soon to explain my actions. For the purpose of this appeal I would like all admins involved to temporarily disregard any comments I have made.

I have something to add to this appeal, as I was present and this screenshot may be taken out of context, leading to a different result.

I have a bias in this as Jenn is a personal friend, however I do not condone hacking and am not attempting to defend Jenn.

In this screenshot you can see Jenn asking if we wanted to see an exploit. Directly after, both myself and denut say sure. In my case I was responding to denut, in denut’s case it is unclear who he is talking to. I was not talking to Jenn, and if I had the outcome may have been different. As I understood it Jenn was discussing an exploit they found and a solution, and this was unrelated to the argument denut and I were having.

Hopefully this puts everything into context. Thank you for reading, if you need any further information I will do my best to find it.

You can stop twisting what she said, May I say again she was using it on the server. This nonsense only happened after I called her/him out about it.

Sorry, let me clarify, I was posting this to explain what was happening on the discord. I know nothing of what Jenn did wrong outside of this, I was posting this to remove denut as a reliable source and add the small amount of knowledge I had here to the topic. I am not defending Jenn and I do not expect anyone’s opinion to change, but in case someone was confused as to why Jenn simply posted an exploit on the discord, to my knowledge it was to explain an exploit she personally had found and a fix for it (the latter part I found out about after this screenshot). I already stated my bias favouring Jenn but I was not twisting any words, nor was I interested in interfering with admins, I was simply attempting to help. Sorry if I did not help, but it was my intention to add context, which can be an important factor sometimes.

I was continuously foghacking at a very small, legitimate amount for a while after my original ban was lifted. I stopped doing that probably a week after the original ban was lifted because it wasn’t worth the risk or gain. This occurance was not “not caring” or “trying to skirt around the rules” in any sense. In regards to “giving it on request”, I didn’t care if they said yes or no, I was posting that screenshot and instructions to exploit anyway, because I had a momentary lapse in cognitive judgement. The ban reason was “nofog abuse”, yet I only activated the hack (on a server I’m admin on, not aloha) to acquire a screenshot to assist in explaining it.

Thank for you clarifying but from that I read there was no attempt at fixing it or offering how to, until I saw it in #aloha channel. I can always go back to the Discord channel to get a set of logs.

Also Color’s logs clearly shows it happening on Aloha

Also Color's logs clearly shows it happening on Aloha

I’m sorry, what? You can see in the screenshot I provided (which was what was posted to the discord, as well) I was on Natural Hallway map, which is what MGC is hosting currently and afaik, aloha isn’t. I swear to god I’m not lying about this. Look at the killfeed in the screenshot, and tell me with a straight face if even half of those people were on Aloha at the timestamp of the discord message. They weren’t. I took that screenshot on MGC, I have never used this exploit on any server but MGC, and only did once to get that screenshot.

quick edit after a chat with color - slightly more complicated

I don’t think “legitamate” and “hacking” can be used properly in the same sentence. As far as I’m concerned, mentioning how to cheat or distributing them in any means is the same cheating. I don’t see a reason why I should have a shred of consideration as to why you should be unbanned…

In my opinion this falls under the same premise as a player discovering a glitch and spreading that knowledge to other players instead of reporting the problem through the proper channels. You should not have spread this information, much less used it. Long have I been aware of you tinkering with the fog distance for OS but this crosses a line. You’ve been warned, banned, and still showed little regard for fair play and the rules. We have logs of you using this exploit on aloha servers so don’t lie. I don’t see a reason to accept the appeal.

I been aware of you tinkering with the fog distance for OS but this crosses a line.

I agree, this is so easily exploitable that any non-nerd could do it unlike the file editing method and it could easily be shown in a 10 second video/gif (excluding map download time).

The use of it on aloha is slightly different because I had the setting you need to disable for the exploit…enabled. So it just made everything dark and stuff. Don’t have any proof of it, but trust me here, if I discovered it earlier, I would’ve spread it earlier.

Thanks for doing your adminny thing, guys. I’ll see you on Aloha babel tomorrow (just kidding don’t kill me)

I have all the discord screenshots. It seems this appeal is finished(?) so I won’t post them here, however if you guys don’t wanna scroll a bunch just pm me and I’ll provide them. Thanks!

I’m really sorry that I put the hack out in the open, it was really stupid to do since I hate hackers as much as you guys. I should’ve just sent it to aloha admins/a BK but I did a derp, and I’m sorry for that. One thing: the command that’s used in the {redacted} to do the exploit? try to remove it from all your messages so we don’t spread it further seems you already did that, good

If you have a screenshot of the chat in which the glitch is explained, then delete it immediately

Hi yousirname! Scipio handed me your appeal since he is going to be away for awhile.

The consensus of the staff and myself was that you really should have known not to do this type of stuff since you’ve already been warned not to do it in the past. Whether it’s either just testing the commands ingame or showing everyone on discord how to do it, both are really unnecessary.

So because this is your second offense with this type of thing, the decision has been made to ban you for a month from this post. Even though you’ve made some bad decisions, the staff does realize that you do offer a lot to the community. Also, please realize how little of a punishment this is; a lot of staff members really did not want you to be unbanned in such little time.

Keep that in mind when you are unbanned in a month… If this happens again there will be little to no chance of you being unbanned at all.

You will be unbanned on 10/11 at 2:38 AM GMT ish…

I hope to see you ingame in a month and please play fair.