Ban Appeal for Projayjay

#1) Wait 20-30 mins in case you were votekicked.

Yes I have waited at least 3-5 weeks now

#2) Please specify your ign (in game name).


#3) Server you were playing on when you got banned.

I don’t remember exactly which one since it was around 3-5 weeks

#4) Reason for ban (please be truthful)

My brother was playing in my account on my spare computer and he downloaded a whole bunch of aimbot and he played on the server with it and now I’m ip banned :’(. Now I just locked the computer away from him so he can’t play anymore. I also have waited for 3-5 weeks so I really don’t remember which server he got banned on or the time, since it was an aloha server and it was around 3-5 weeks from now.

#5) Reason why you should be appealed.

I really want to play on the aloha servers since they are the best and I really didn’t do anything wrong. My brother is now at my Aunt’s house so he won’t be using aimbot on my ip address ever ;D :slight_smile: :wink: :D.

#6) Date and time (approx).

I’m not so sure but it was 3-5 weeks ago :’(

I’m really sorry that my brother aimbotted all of those people, but I didn’t do it and you’re all welcome to ban my brother as soon as he comes on the server.

Just to let you know in advance, the odds aren’t really in your favour if you use that excuse. The aunt-detail is a nice twist, but well it fails to pass my lie-detector, unfortunately.

I can’t find your name/ip in the list. Can you remember what name ‘your brother’ was using when using aimbot?

you're all welcome to ban my brother as soon as he comes on the server.
Thanx, that is exactly what we did :)


I think it was either projayjay, mine or 1004486 his. and the ip should be the one I’m using right now.

I get that people use that excuse a lot, but that means that there are a few people that those things actually happen to; and I am one of that few.

This is happening to me too. Brother aimbots. The ip is banned and the innocent get punished because of the person who did wrong. I think that this is a true story bro, but it’s hard to get past the doubters that it is indeed the truth.

I would like to punch holes in your appeal so here goes, On the template it asked you the server YOU were banned on and you said “I don’t remember exactly which one since it was around 3-5 weeks” then you began the “my brother did this” explanation.

2nd: why is it never “my sister did this” instead of “my brother did this”?

3rd: (just a warning) usually if u tell the truth and admit to it from the begining there is a +30% chance the admins will unban you.

4th: did you know he was aimbotting and did not care until he was banned?

Even if your brother really DID do it, its better to just say you were aimbotting and that you’re sorry because the brother excuse is very overused. That is all. I like to help people but not the “my brother did it” people. ::slight_smile:

Because most girls accually have lives and do other stuff, either that or they go on facebook or go shopping etc.

1st, Since I am technically banned as well as my brother, I thought that it meant which server was my ip or my username was banned, and since I found out about this forum and the site yesterday, I didn’t write down which one of the aloha servers that my brother and I was banned.

2nd, I think that sisters usually don’t play fps shooting games

3rd, I am telling the truth from the beginning

4th, I knew that he was aimbotting since he told me after I cornered him when I found out I was banned from the aloha servers.

I really wasn’t on. I was at Ralphs getting stuff for my neighborhood when my brother aimbotted everyone on the server. I also get that the excuse is very over used, but people use the excuse because there are people that happens to them. It was my brother.

EDIT #1: so if it was my brother, I should take the blame for it? and I should lie???

I’ve seen what happened to people who lie; they get banned

So, thank you for the advice, but no thank you.

EDIT #2: And I did care that my brother used aimbot since it hurt my reputation as a good player and now some people know me as a hacker. I’m really trying to convince people that it was my brother that aimbotted everyone and no one is convinced. It was my brother, not ‘my brother’.

Go hold up a picture of you and your brother, with your brother holding up a sign saying “I’m sorry for aimbotting.” with the date on it.
It would add some credibility to your story.

What will that do? (Seriously it wont prove anything, for all we know, the “big brother” is making his “little brother” to hold the sign)

Which date is this?? And I’ve already told you, my brother is at my Aunt’s house.

And I don’t want to show my or my brother’s pictures since there are internet stalkers.

okay i was just trying to help you, take it or leave it. I’ll let admins take it from here.

btw you should take the blame because you AND your brother play on the same ip, so if you want to get unbanned you should shoulder the responsibility of taking the blame for your brother since its your account.

I guess I have to take the blame, but I stand that it was my brother, and I will take the responsibility even though it was him.

Okay, so I’m sorry that my brother aimbotted people, and I didn’t find out until a week or so, since I play on other servers as well, and I promise that my brother won’t do it again; he is at my aunt’s house, and I’m sure that he’ll be using aimbot, even if I told him not to.

I don’t know why that my username that he used and the ip address of the network that he used isn’t up there on the blacklist. So far I’ve been trying some of the aloha servers now and then, and just yesterday I found this site, so I don’t know which server I was on, and I don’t know when exactly. and all I know is that it was around 3-5 weeks.

okay, now you just have to wait for an admin to look this over and maybe ask you some questions. Then he/she’ll decide what to do. Patience ;D

Truth is it really doesn’t matter if it’s you, your brother or your guinea pig who’s aimbotting, as long someone aimbotted from your house, your ip will be banned.
Also it doesn’t matter where your brother is now, I mean how do you expect us to believe you on your word?

Apart from that, your ip and names are nowhere to be found in our banlists so there’s not much I can do for you. Are you sure you’re banned on aloha alone or could it be a global ban perhaps? In the last case visit #aos.gbl and ask there.

I wonder why his brother doesn’t apply himself.
Unless of course he doesn’t exist

he said his bro has a separate account now at his aunts. i think he said it was banned to, right?(i could be wrong)

I can't seem to make the irc of Ace of Spades GBL work.

Also, what is a GBL ban?? Is it banning from every server? if it is, then I wasn't GBL banned since I can play on other servers.

Not all servers subscribe to the GBL. If you can join minit, however, then you are not on the GBL and are only banned on Aloha.