[Ban Appeal] by LuGeRs


Votekicks ?
It did not have any apparent and I waited anyway for 30 minutes.

Name in game : |Rising|LuGeRs

Banned in yesterday : Counter-Strike Aloha.pk Server

Reason : I do not really know the reason for being banned … I was simply playing normally without interruptions and I was cleared with a ban without knowing why ‘-’
And you would like to know the reason if possible …
Why should you be unbanned : I have been following the development of the servers for a long time because it was getting very stressful to play … Because I came with people with cheating and left the server without grace.
I really want this to stop … I agree with the banishes and everything else … But I was outraged to have been banned without knowing the reason .-.
I’m a great player and I like all his servers, I know I ended up talking too much for a brief explanation of my moral behavior … But I hope you understand the reason for begging for my return xD

        D   M   Y

Date : 02/01/2018 ← Brazilian Calendar ‘-’
Time : I don’t remember exactly

Hello, I’m the admin that gave you ban in the server “counter-strike” for having used hack.

I’ll give you one last chance so you can tell the truth.

Rly MegaStar ?
Bro … How long have I played with you before you even became an admin -.- You yourself know that I do not use these expensive things ‘-’

Until you even saw when the votekicks started in me and I did not use or used some kind of hack to play -.-

Turning the subject of my appeal … I’m aware that I was not using some kind of cheating at some point in question … I came back to play two days ago, man … Why the hell would I use a hack to play ? >:(

well, watch this video:

minute 1:24 2:16 you realized my position and you went straight to me, 2:16 I removed the inv and was visible again to your eyes and you noticed, so you went back to the tunnel and returned to the point # 1, minute 4:05 when you shoot you do not have recoil, 4:10 you see a snap and also the same happened in the minute 4:21, 5:07 - 5:50 again you do not have recoil, both your ping and mine they were stable at that time


Abuse report

Ban Appeal

Mega, This is not his first offense for hacking

thanks scipio, LuGeRs the evidence speaks for itself, and apparently you already have an abuse report and a ban appeal to your person, I will take the words of ferrari that you said in your previous ban appeal:

I really should have recorded my camera to show you all … 1 # In the part of the tunnel I kept insisting that always have a hidden player to trolling the game … 2 # What is this story without recoil ??? 3 # My first ban appeal was last year and I promised Ferrari that I would not use anything to disrupt the server -.- … THEN BECAUSE I WOULD USE IT JUST NOW BEING SAYING I WOULD NOT USE MORE ???
Holy crap …
1:24 2:16 you were throwing grenades at the door and I went back … Nor is it giving excuse that I came out of nowhere because you did that …

And my ping was not stable -.- ’
It was ranging from 234 to 483 because of the rain where it was …

Honestly … I will not be punished for you accusing me.
But by disrespect to admin …
Because you are not doing a legitimate job as a correct being, which in the case should be of great responsibility such a position in aloha.pk.
Seeing you doing this being that you know me and you know how I play … It makes me feel disgusted by the person you are …
I really respected you for being a good player … But I see that this was wrong all the time

Point #1: that action to return to the same point twice you did not do it in any round except for when I hid there, I’ve been watching you all the rounds.

Point #2: at minute 2:16 I never threw a grenade and I did not move either so no sound coming from below could have alerted you to return.

Point #3: in the bottom left you can see your ping updating every 1 second and you had around 250-260 when you gave your shots without recoil.

1:17 is a pokeball ?

You will be in my pokeball of permaban.

Lol … Rly MoDeR ???

Pls LuGeRs… It wasn’t a joke.

A ban appeal is not a joke, Is too hard say the truth?

This ban will still be in its initial state (permanent).

You can go back and make your ban appeal within 1 month.

Nah, you can only be joking with me… -.-’’

1# At no point did I lie in this post
2#Why would I lie now?
3#Because I did not need to lie! And I told all my version of the story being that no one believes.
4#Now comes until MoDeR accuse me being that I promised the last time to the Ferrari that I would never use cheat.

I really respect the opinion of you about me … BUT I WAS NOT USING ANYTHING! OMG …
I did this ban appeal to clarify everything … Because I was confused by the reason and I realized now that you guys are hard to understand how certain people understand me and have been through it not only in this game and yes and several others …

So I give up on this ban appeal and I give up playing this fucking game if it’s to be judged unfairly by someone unprepared where there are people who cover their faults attitudes …
Everything I said and said before was always and always will be the truth …

You do understand that this is the second time you were caught hacking? All of this Is not helping your argument.

I admitted that I used the hack the first time because I was wrong to have done that and so I promised I would not use it any more so we did not come to this conclusion again … And I fulfill what I say.

I repeat again believing it or not … I HAVE NOT USED ANY HACK AT ANY TIME OF THIS VIDEO!

The person is taking old evidence where it was already completed and I suffered my punishment … I waited a long time to return to play with the promise that I would use nothing more … And I never stopped fulfilling.
Now you can stop this because it’s already tiring to say that I’m innocent, because I AM