Ban apeal for Xenos Pls Help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I was banned from all aloha servers
I ain’t hacking,no spamming and no abusing but still i am banned.
PLs unban me PLS.

go here

copy and paste that template into this thread and then answer the questions.

Hey Xenos, I caught you hacking on March 9th. After I banned you, you started to evade your ban. You’ve evaded your ban 7 times. Do you have an explanation for the ban evading or for the hacking?

Also this is the second thread for the same thing.

He PM’d me today asking why he was banned. :-\

Ok,I admit i hacked but i was only checking it and i only knew of 1 hallway server and i hacked only 1 time in my whole life in AoS.
At that time i was new to AoS and didn’t know much about these things but now i am well aware and a good player too.
Pls unban me.
I swear i won’t hack again.

If you read this, you know why you probably won’t get unbanned.