1. Votekicks last only 30 minutes. Did you wait at least 30 minutes to make sure your “ban” is not just a votekick?
    no votekick, more than 30 mins passed and the “admin” that banned admitted it is a ban in the live chat.

  2. What is your in-game player name? Please include it in the subject of this topic as well.

  3. What server were you playing on when you got banned? Reminder: We can only help you with bans that took place on servers.
    Babel from Aloha

  4. Why were you banned? Lying severely decreases your chances of getting unbanned. If your “little brother” got you banned, tell him to make an appeal, or accept responsibility on his behalf.
    According to topo i was hacking.
    What happened was that topo was blatantly hacking there, he went to our side of the base, made a 2 tall block wall to crouch behind and everytime he stand up he snapped to someones place, no matter where he was, and headshot, all of this in the matter of seconds, when i got tired i started a votekick against him, and just when a group of my team and me made it to his base and i was shooting down their tower i got banned.
    I went to the Live Chat and you know the rest.

  5. Why should you be unbanned?
    Because i wasnt the one that was hacking.

  6. When were you banned? Best approximate date and time, please.
    30/08/2016 at 10:57 aprox.

hi there!

appeal denied, as promised, for dishonesty


e: feel free to appeal again in a month or so if you feel like telling the truth

I already told the truth, and even if i dont get to play again i will not lie, how about you? you didnt even post your point of view, are you afraid of lying?

you’ve yet to give me an actual reason for lying about this
i don’t care about losing
i don’t care about your votekick

i don’t run around banning everyone i don’t like. i am 100% certain that you cheated while i was spectating you. i wasn’t recording video, which would definitely have been more convenient for me, but unfortunately there is nothing to show you. if you read some of my past appeals, i am perfectly fine with admitting when i may have made a mistake, but this is not one of those times

I already give you the reasons, you even put them yourself even if you denied them, thats exactly what i believe it happened, specially since the ban was just in the moment where i was digging the tower and after i made that votekick.
You “didnt record a video” nor have any proof but you are unwillingly to admit that maybe you are wrong this time, you even say you are fine admitting when you are mistaken, then that could mean that you are doing this on purpose then even if you know i didnt hack.
Again, i will not lie even if it means i will not play again, but even so i would prefer if a good admin takes care of this appeal.

Looking back, you seem to have two other appeals, one dating back three years ago, in which you were never unbanned and claimed your innocence, and another where the evidence was insufficient over a year and a half ago. Judging from the fact that this is your third appeal with different admins banning you, I feel like there is a strong chance that you have been cheating.

Are you sure you didn’t use any cheats as a result of topo “cheating?”

The first ban i was like that for over a month with no response, after which we talked on the live chat with the admin that banned me and he lifted the ban but never wrote it in the post, dont remember if there was a video on that one.
The second ban i got it for less than a day, when he saw the video he realized it wasnt hack so he lifted immediately, you can see all in that post i think.
About me using cheats because of topo cheating, no i didnt, in fact a few moments before that i sent a message /admin saying that he and 2 others were blatantly hacking in babel, so it would be very stupid if i tell the admins to come and then start hacking like that.
What is more fun is that i had very low kills and accuracy so far in that map, according to topo the ban was because i was using hack against the people constructing above the enemy tower but i was just spraying with smg (more of the kills were from other teammates), but he banned me when i was digging (with the smg) their tower under the cover of other teammates, that or because of the votekick i started a moments before.

Should’ve got a video, but anyways…
I’ll defend Alph as a legit player.
I have played countless times with him on the arena servers and sometimes babel and I’ve seen skill from him, not hacks.
When I first saw him playing like a year ago I even spectated him to check him out, but it turned out he was just good :slight_smile:

Your opinion < years of admin experience

Stay out of the appeal section. These threads are between the admin and the person filing the appeal.

I can also confirm this. I have played with him many times and never seen anything fishy. He’s a solid skilled player and a friendly part of this community.

Hey guys, if you are not topo or alpha can you please stop posting in this thread ty.

I have changed my mind. No one except the admin and the player should be posting here. I also think the admins are right and that Alph was 100% hacking because admins don’t need proof, they know what they are doing. Everyone stop posting here, only admins are allowed. These admins have over 100 confirmed bans, and no one in this community is as experienced as them.

To be fair Arcinius and Atrain saw me playing hundred of times and even on spectator mode, topo only saw me less than an hour and from the other team perspective so they have way more experience in this matter than him. Also i wouldnt say years of “admin” experience, im playing this server more than 3 years and is the first time i hear of him ;D.
Still israelleelll is right here, thanks Arcinius and Atrain for helping but i dont want to cause trouble for you or give Topo any excuse to randomly ban another good player, if you want you can post for me in the general section if its not against the rules :slight_smile:

i’m not accusing you of cheating in all the hundreds of times your friends were watching you, i’m accusing you of cheating during the ~5 minutes i spent watching you play.

you may not have heard of me, but i’ve been around and administrating servers for what i’m willing to bet is longer than you’ve played, and if i were going to randomly ban people for beating me i’m sure somebody would have noticed by now. as it stands i am leaving you banned for a month, then you can appeal again, and i hope you’ll actually be honest next time.

i'm not accusing you of cheating in all the hundreds of times your friends were watching you, i'm accusing you of cheating during the ~5 minutes i spent watching you play.
which you did not from spectator mode, with no video whatsoever, and in a moment where i wasnt even killing anyone. Even if you really were accusing me of cheating (which i still dont believe you even believe that) thats a terrible job from you.
you may not have heard of me, but i've been around and administrating servers for what i'm willing to bet is longer than you've played;u=1184 thats the only part i admit you are right, you were for about half a year more than me playing, but still technichally right.
and if i were going to randomly ban people for beating me i'm sure somebody would have noticed by now.
That is a good question, i wonder were we could see the list of all the people you banned, i wonder if even half of them you make it with proofs like all the other admins, i wonder how many of them even appealed. And if i were going to randomly actívate hacks every time people beat me, then first i wouldnt be playing here because i would be banned for real and second i wouldnt lose so much vs other good players like atrain, waterstar, israelleell, moder, and many more than i dont want to forget.
as it stands i am leaving you banned for a month, then you can appeal again, and i hope you'll actually be honest next time.
Again you only want me to admit something i didnt do, and that wont happen. I know is not your appeal but read this

no, appeals are open to anyone who can contribute actual insight to the particular case being discussed. appeals definitely are not playgrounds for trolls, though.

what exactly have you, Arcinius, and Atrain contributed other than laughs amongst yourselves? the three of you are a far cry from the carefulness that represents, so it’s good for you guys that you are buddy-buddies because how else would you keep yourselves entertained around here?

topo has helped immensely over the years - yes, years of experience is right. when i think about why he’s such a highly regarded admin, the reasons go on and on in my head. the first time you’ve heard of him? come on, surely you’re not that oblivious… if you knew anything about him, anything at all, then you’d know that everything he does is with care and anything but random. i’m sure everyone who knows anything about him would think you’re silly for accusing him of acting randomly.

i notice your smilies… you’re awfully jolly after having been banned from a server that you have been playing on for more than three years…

yes, he’s really actually accusing you of cheating as he told you multiple times already. can you believe it now?

have you thought of searching his posts here on that would be a good start for your wonders.

reality check: you are banned for real, not “would be.” i suggest you think about and accept that fact first before you continue to discuss your appeal.

Have the rules changed?

No idea about Arcinius and Atrain, but my contributions in the server are close to non-existant, i usually play and have a good time, for contributions i can only count 2 times i posted a screen about a glitch abuser in forum, about 10 or so times that i could call an admin and that admin found a real hacker ingame and nothing else. The real question is what does that even have to do? you want to ban every player that did not “contribute” to the server, go ahead, enjoy an empty server, every single player admin or no is a “far cry” in the server, but that doesnt mean you can get rid of all of them on a whim and without proofs or reason.
Also Arcinius and Atrain are not buddy-buddies, i meet them on this server, we are not even from the same country. I guess they posted to defend me because they know me as a player way better than you or topo, and i apreciate that.

I wonder if you were at least on one or two of those times when he displayed that “experience” in his job as an admin, but still that doesnt matter, on my ban he banned me after i started the votekick against him and when i was digging their tower at babel, he said it was because i was killing the guys on top of the tower but of those people i only killed 2 the rest were my other teammates, and on top of that they were on the top of the tower and very exposed, and if that is not enought the ban was with him watching from the enemy team, not spectator mode, and without a video or other admin to check. So yes that is either a very random way of doing it or it was on purpose because of the votekick.

The smilies were one in response to the “Your opinion < years of admin experience” it was funny, and the other to Arcinius and Atrain for defending me, that was a huge risk from them but i really apreciate that.

I still think that accusation is a lie to cover his own hacks, do you understand now? please read the other posts, it was very clear.

Thanks a lot for that idea, i still didnt read all (the forum have a lot of posts) but i found a few intersting things, for example

Aem said "We’ve had numerous newer staff members ban him a few times (including me), so you’re not alone. ", so it seems he was banned a lot of times (i assume numerous means more than 10, correct me if i am wrong) of course you say they were wrong but if its so many i wonder if they really are, and if you just let him go without proper investigation because of his status.

I still hope not, i still hope a real admin check my case, a lot of people saw me playing even a few admins (just to make it clear to you, those people saw me more than 1 hour, not like topo) and they know how i play and what kind of person i am.

On this, i agree, but their rules so if you want to say something else we can continue in a post in the general section so you dont get in trouble.

That’s not a rule, that’s a statement from an admin who isn’t even active anymore. Also, appeals have always been open for anyone to post, just not for trolling or posting things unrelated or useless content.

We have tool that allows us to spectate players for cheating without showing up on the spectator list (fun fact, the tool was made by topo). Video or another admin checking isn’t required to make a ban, do you think this is NCIS or something?

There is no risk in anybody defending you lol. They are free to vouch or call you out. Don’t make this any more dramatic than what it really is.

We understood what you said the first time, but the problem is you haven’t put thought into your statement. We’ve all sat down, observed countless of his recordings, and concluding our results long ago. I’ve banned him long ago both on Aloha and on Minit (back when it existed) and so has almost every other person. Don’t assume we just let him go because he’s a staff member and just sat and twiddled our thumbs for past few years, because we have banned others staff members for cheating in the past.

You can go ahead and take my word for it, or go in denial. We’ve all thought about the possibility, we’ve all reviewed, we’ve all made our “investigations.”

Mind naming who exactly? We’ve had a few “real” admins look at your case and agree with the verdict. If you want the verdict to change, I suggest you start talking about your appeal instead.

AEM’s reply is on point.

you appealed two other bans that were issued by two different admins, and you are now appealing a third ban that was issued by a third different admin.

your first appeal was in mid 2013, you were banned by Danke:

your second appeal was in early 2015, you were banned by Nathan:

the video referenced by Nathan in the appeal is:
some admins are still suspicious about your actions in that video, but Nathan was nice enough to give you the benefit of the doubt based on input from some other admins who happened to be around during the time he was seeking opinions about the video.

topo is a real admin. there are other real admins including myself who have checked your cases, and it is all of us real admins combined who make up the consensus that could influence or reverse topo’s or any other admin’s decision if there is enough reason to believe a mistake was made. i for one am on board with the notion that we’ve given you enough chances already.