We've adjusted our forum navigation!

We’ve received feedback around not being able to find anything on our forum, so we’ve worked hard towards (hopefully :smile:) fixing that issue!

If you look to your left :point_left:, you should see our new left sidebar!

Our left sidebar contains almost everything there is to find on our forum! At the very least, it acts as the main navigation tool.

The three lines in the top left:
will toggle the sidebar. This is also how to access it on mobile!

A massive thanks to @Danke, @001, @izzy, and @FerrariFlunker for their work with designing and implementing this new sidebar.

Please don’t hesitate to drop an idea in our suggestion box, Suggestion Box - aloha.pk community, if you have more ideas on how to improve our community :hugs:

Go explore our new sidebar and the many areas of our forum!

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