Adventures of Mr. Round ** Inspired from Buildandshoot forums

Hey all.

This is an rpg. I draw the images, you tell me what to do. Apologize as I am using a mouse, which sucks. I’m getting an intuos pad soon enough. (?)

You’re walking in a park, just enjoying the scenary but you’re super gloomy. What should you do?

Health: 100hp
Mood: Sad
Hungry? No.

Stick of gum
house keys

camouflage yourself as a square

Get a stick of gum and chew it down.

ok so you eat the gum. nothing happening. Ew tastes like a quick fox or something.

Anywho in order to camoflauge as a square you need to get “camoflauge square paint” at the “Camoflauge square paint store”

(I find that insult terrible)
Try to think about games.


(pretend there is an image)

boom you’re thinking about games.
what next

You proceed to get some money.

forgot about this thread. lol
ok so you go looking for money on the street when you see this shady guy up ahead. what should you do


You try to stab a guy with the keys.


So you aggreviate him and it turns out that he doesn’t like it. Also, it has no affect on him.
So he punches you out cold.

You wake up in a van and the doors are locked. Your head hurts. Also on the wall, that isn’t an “F”. It’s a wrench .-.

Take the wrench and open a vent cover with it. Maybe that could get you outside.

those are windows not vents

also your legs are paralyzed

Well, we’re obviously in a corporate Facebook van and there are also door handles on the inside of the van, so open the door and roll out when you stop at a red light.

Are the drivers Russian?


You try to crawl next to the wrench, take it, and use it to break the doors and roll out of the van.
Or give them vodka, I dunno.

You don’t need to break the doors. There’s literally handles on the inside.

Pfffff. Using handles is mainstream.

When you have paralyzed legs it isn’t.

Well, crap.