about929 ban appeal

Hello. I created my Ace of Spades player today on my new laptop. For some reason I am banned from your aloha servers.
I have watched my bros play and had played some on their players. A good wile ago my bro was banned for hacking and rightfully so. He was unbanned and has turned a new leaf and is currently a trusted player for Stormwind. Unfortunately my littlest bro played on his player. He derped up and did something to be banned. I was not surprised! Would this mean that I am banned because I use the same WiFi???

Help please!

If you and your brothers live in the same house, then yes. You all share the same IP. If your brother(s) are the reason you are banned, have them appeal instead of taking responsibility, unless you take full responsibility because it is your fault etc. etc.

sigh OK. Thank you for explaining for me!

Hi there it seems your brother already appealed his ban and failed to succeed due to them blaming their brother. Just like you are doing now. Either you have a multitude of untrustworthy siblings or there is no siblings and you’re playing dumb.

Link to previous appeal for this IP:

(Also worth noting this is “appeal” number 4).