zVzIQuad's Ban Appeal

I was on the 24/7 Pin Point Server for Quite some time today ( 13th of August ). Some People ( Auresyne , Player 7 etc. ) were continusly greifing my Lengthy Barricade that took some time to make and I had to keep on rebuilding it due to them greifing it , I had to keep on doing /votekick on them until I couldnt do it anymore.

But Player 7 , This troll kept on /votekicking on DELTA Members and other people. Even though they were innocent. Then Some People and I began to /votekick this player since he has been greifing on some Pinpoint Games for some time now. I’ve gotten to the point with this person so I told him out.

" Not to be mean Player 7 , due to your Greifing and Falsey Accusing people for greifing , you NEED to GTFO. Also your Name is Retarded "

I never seen Auresyne and some of the other people that were in the act AGAIN.

Also Im not gonna do jack shit to the Grammar Errors due to these rule breakers…

there is a ban appeal template you may fill out at the top. if it is a votekick it is only 30 minutes. i unbanned you and will be in there to watch this player 7