Zombie game mode infection

Ok, I Want to know if this is possible.

I would love to see a game mode that is like infection on Halo 3.

I want an Alpha zombie with Buffed stats.

Zombie team to start with just the Alpha zombie, the human team will have 31 people at the start.

Human team will have all weapons vanilla and their life vanilla. (we can see how that goes then make modifications from there.)

As the humans are killed by the zombie team, have them reincarnated as a regular zombie. Regular zombies will have a little bit more health than humans but not so much as to make them over powered.

For now we could leave the grenades, jump, and sprint all vanilla.

Round would end when all humans have been killed, and the human/or zombie with the highest score would be Alpha zombie on the next round.

This sounds fun. Should have posted this under Ace of Spades.