Your dream Pokemon Team

So…I just saw a video, and I know most of us (if not everyone here) has played, or currently plays Pokemon. So…what would be your dream team? Include types!

Houndoom - Dark/Fire
Aggaron - Steel/Rock
Flygon - Dragon/Ground
Primeape - Fighting
Feraligatr - Water
Glalie - Ice

oh god uh
Torterra - Grass/Ground
Mr Mime - Psychic
Blaziken - Fire/Fighting
Altaria - Flying/Dragon
Walrein - Ice/Water
Weezing - Poison

also Glalie is ice not normal

You dream with Pokemons, really? xD

I only need my level 93 Blastoise in Pokemon Red.

Lol, my entire group of Lv. 100 Blisseys do the job in Leafgreen.

but you can’t evolve chansey until you get the national dex


Ik Glalie is ice. I was half asleep at the stupid SBAC testing when I wrote that

A full team of lvl 100 magikarps :smiley:
Okay no, my team would be like this:
Golurk - Ground/Ghost
Aegislash - Steel/Ghost
Chandelure - Ghost/Fire
Mawile - Steel/Fairy
Mienshao - Fighting
Froslass - Ice/Ghost

Huh, turns out I really like ghost types

Pichu - Electric
Serperior - Grass
Lucario - Fighting/Steel
Archeops - Rock/Flying
Swampert - Water/Ground
Guardevoire - Physic



pls Pichu is pro ok
and if not Pichu,Ampharos then

Aggaron is the best. Fucking steel powerhouse.

Aggron is really balanced,pretty good pokemon