Your Dream Girl/Guy

I tend to talk a lot about girls on the IRC and such. It always interests me to know of someone’s dream girl/guy.

You can describe your dream lover or post a photo that sums up that perfect person! A photo is always favored :wink:

Mila Kunis!

:-* :-* :-* woooo nice gal.

Zeke exactly. Yes.



Awkward Reki

Oh my god…

Maka Albarn in Soul Eater.

By the way Reki, that is a pure definition of a weird video…

Also no porn allowed (unless your name is Reki, apparently)

Ultimate Muscle Roller Legend

Actually, it’s not odd at all. In fact, I think you’re all odd if you don’t want to know the name of it.


OT Honestly, I just want someone smart and honest, with a good sense of humor :smiley:

Yay, Reki thinks I’m odd! Cheers!

That video is the wierdest video I’ve seen in my entire life.

1 word


Yes i am the epitome of one’s dream girl/guy.


This is getting homosexual.

I like it.

kk dreamgirl is hotaru shidare from dagashi kashi