You Know what's Annoying? Server Guard Ban you for No Reason -_-

I’ve Been ban on counter strike map by server guard for no reason maybe for him im Hackin but if he see this try this.
Buy AoS in steam
Launch it
then launch some aimbot fuckshit exe
Steam: Your “Aimbot Fuckshit.exe” has been blocked

I thought newbie is the only one who’s Annoying i didnt’ even know Server Guards too.


Alright, instead of complaining on the whatevahs section, how about you post a ban appeal like I told you to? You never told me your ingame name or any detail of what happened so how can I know I banned you, so let’s make this easy. Is this you? If it is, care to explain what you are seeing here? This shows you using hacks, can you please be truthful, make an appeal, and list the hacks you were using?


y u steal v^3’s avatar?;u=332

I’m sorry Ei8htx but I will like to ask you to gid rid of that comment since this ban does not concern you in anyway.

We’re in whateva’s nub.

str8 rekt

This is not the appeals section so hence 8x can post whatever he likes

haha so funny how guys on online chats always act tough , but in real life they would get fucking iced …

Because on Internets, you can say shit and you don’t get hurt. :slight_smile:

So… lets do 20 meters bow against bow

I have to hit targets smaller than 20cm
Hitting a target the size of a target is ez
Try me

Your turn to get rEKT


Or try to even play somehing on bajan. :stuck_out_tongue:

Why use a bow when you’re a marksman like me :1

I never knew you Aloha admins had a side like this