You are all doomed!

I’m back again!!! :33333 I might post a bit but I gave up on AoS. I will get on MC once I update to 1.9 and then if a terraria server comes I will blow my mind up and shriek like a super fan girl and be like YUUSSSSS IVE WAITED SO LONGGGG. No I’m a boy.
Now FerrariaFlunker says she’s a girl in IRC I remember so she will throw up a event and it will be called Aces Return and people will film it I will be famous n rich!!! FERRARIAFLUNKER DO EET FOR THE LULZ AND MEEE

Yay Ace, we’ve waited for so long for you to return. :slight_smile:


Ferrarri is a guy o.o I’ve heard him on skype once or twice

o hai
Nice to see you back.

P.S. u liar
girls =/= liek cars

mrw I send Ace a PM asking how he is but he never responds and won’t come back.

Everyone’s a kawaii girl on the internet.

So, that means… I can go out with fucking John Cena!?